Call for analysis on the role of women during the local elections in Montenegro

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11 April 2022
Vacancy - consultant
Call for analysis on the role of women during the local elections in Montenegro
With the goal analysing the women`s role during the elections as well as spreading awareness about the need for more inclusion of women in the leading position, WFD would like to engage the eligible subject (such as think-tanks, CSOs, companies) with relevant expertise and experience in this area. The subject will be supported in developing an analysis of the role that women had in the mentioned municipal elections.

The analysis should focus on the compliance of the parties with the legal norms related to gender quota, the inclusion of women`s issues in the party programs on a local level, the overall role of women in the political campaign, the visibility of their campaigns for the position in local councils as well as their representation in the political party’s leadership.

Some of the questions that could be tackled within the analysis:

  • Are women present in the pre-election campaign and to what extent?
  • How visible are women in the political campaign?
  • To what extent are women that run for mandate presented in media compared to male colleagues?
  • Number and position of women in the party lists
  • Women representation on the list compared to previous elections
  • Number of women entering local parliaments
  • Statistics on how many women are running for another mandate
  • Hate speech, violence and misogynist rhetoric during the campaign
  • Financing of women organizations within political parties.

The findings of the analysis will be presented through the social media campaign consisting of various appropriate mechanisms/tools: infographics, online debates, interviews etc. The final report will be presented to the general public.

Interested companies/organizations should express their interest and provide an offer by providing a proposal by April 24th, 2022. Interested organizations should provide:

  • One-page document listing the experience of the organization/company relevant for this work;
  • One-page proposal for the content of the analysis, including proposed scope of the analysis and methodology.

Track record of previous work with WFD under similar methodology and quick turnaround in delivering the task will be considered an additional asset. An email with your expression of interest and an offer with a proposed budget should be sent to the WFD Montenegro office at:  by April 24th 2022.