Call for expert: Proofreader

17 August 2022
Vacancy - consultant
Call for expert: Proofreader
WFD is looking for a Proofreader to support the development of a knowledge product for CSO and BTA Parliament.


The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is the UK's democracy assistance agency, working in partnership with political parties, parliaments, and civil society organisations around the world to create more inclusive, accountable and transparent democratic systems. WFD strengthens the capacity of these key democratic institutions, helping ensure they have the systems, knowledge, and skills to perform effectively. WFD also fosters improved democratic processes, bringing together individuals and institutions and encouraging them to work together to solve concrete problems, applying democratic values and principles. Over the course of 2020-2021, WFD is leading on supporting democratic stability in Bangsamoro programme through the UK Conflict Stability Security Funding (CSSF) managed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and implemented by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD). Recognising the establishment of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) being a key entry point for locally owned institutions and processes to develop and adopt inclusive and accountable practices, the programme is designed with the overall aim of supporting the implementation of BOL. The programme will support the establishment of BOL by strengthening locally owned institutions to become increasingly accountable, inclusive, and pluralistic. 

Now on its third phase, the programme combines: 

  1. Strengthening the Bangsamoro parliament as an institution and developing the expertise of its members and staff. 
  2. Enhancing the relationships and mechanisms for collaboration of the parliament with the government and civic actors. 
  3. Supporting Bangsamoro women as political leaders and politically active citizens to coalesce around shared objectives and agenda and to be equipped with the right expertise to identify and influence key policy and legislative change. 
  4. Supporting the development of a political party system that fits the new parliamentary frame and which allows for meaningful representation for all peoples of the Bangsamoro.


Under Output 2 (work with civil society organizations), WFD has developed a knowledge product that will serve as an important resource that both civil society and partners in the Bangsamoro parliament can refer to as we continue supporting the political transition process in the BARMM.

In line with this, WFD is seeking an experienced Proofreader to work on the final draft of the said document and ensure that the final product is not only free from grammatical errors, incoherence, or stylistic inconsistencies but also uses language that is geared towards practitioners in the field (as opposed to academic or technical writing).

Scope of Work

The detailed tasks include the following:

  1. Review the 51-page draft document and correct or otherwise improve upon any grammatical, syntactical, or punctuation errors as well as any stylistic inconsistencies made in the draft text.
  2. Assess the language used in the draft and ensure that final product is clear, reader-friendly, and practitioner-focused. 

WFD Responsibilities

WFD shall have no obligation to provide any assistance to the consultant in performing the services other than as expressly set forth herein:

  • Provide information and feedback – especially on any background information that may be relevant to the work – in a timely manner and as long as consultant’s requests for information and feedback are also made to WFD within reasonable time.
  • Provide the selected consultant/s with reasonable and timely access to WFD personnel as may be required to perform the services.
  • For on-site work, provide physical access to the necessary work area and any required identification, travel, and or other requirements before work commences.
  • A single point of contact responsible for representing WFD in status meetings and assisting with the decision-making process regarding the engagement.


The consultant will report to one of WFD Bangsamoro’s Senior Programme Coordinators (SPCs) and the Communications and Engagement Manager (CEM) who will be the principal points of reference and communication.


Interested applicants may send their CVs highlighting any similar previous experience to cc: and Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted to submit their proposals.

The deadline for applications is 24 August 2022.