Call for media campaign to combat violence against women in politics in Montenegro

Women political participation
11 April 2022
Vacancy - consultant
Call for media campaign to combat violence against women in politics in Montenegro
With the goal of enhancing the awareness and providing support in fighting the violence against women in politics WFD would like to engage with the eligible subject (such as think-tanks, CSOs, companies, media agency etc.) that will create and conduct a media campaign (in further text campaign) on the topic of fighting violence against women in politics.

The campaign is national and will be consisted of two components: one targeting users of traditional media (TV, radio) and the other focusing on social media in the following manner:

- To create marketing plan and to use the visual identity of the project

- The company/organization shall use already developed logo(s) of the project in developing all deliverables

- To cooperate with the project team and to follow instructions in preparation and conducting the campaign

- To present the marketing plan and visual identity of the campaign to the project team and to adjust it according to the requests made by the project team, with flexible approach

To conduct the campaign in the defined period and track its visibility and reach

- Content and language should be adjusted to the local needs – given the topic of the campaign main messages and language of the campaign might ask for additional sensitivity.

Through a competitive process, agency will be selected, and expected to provide detailed plan and content that the campaign should include.

Interested companies/organizations should express their interest and provide an offer by providing a proposal by April 24th, 2022. Interested organizations should provide:

- One-page document listing the experience of the organization/company relevant for this work;

- One-page proposal for the content the campaign, required tools and the budget.

Track record of previous work with WFD under similar methodology and quick turnaround in delivering the task will be considered an additional asset. An email with your expression of interest and an offer with a proposed budget should be sent to the WFD Montenegro office at: by April 24th 2022.