Terms of reference for development of digital communications strategy

Vacancy - consultant

Terms of reference for development of digital communications strategy

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy is seeking a highly skilled expert consultant to assist in developing a comprehensive digital communications content strategy for the Council of the Nation in Algeria. This assignment will require the consultant to work on-site in Algiers, Algeria. For international/regional consultants, travel, visa, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered by WFD. Note the working language of the assignment – for both verbal interactions and written outputs - is French and /or Arabic.
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Westminster Foundation for Democracy (“WFD”) is the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. Operating internationally, WFD works with parliaments, political parties, and civil society groups as well as on elections to help make political systems fairer, more inclusive and more accountable.

We are a problem-solving, practitioner-led organisation that offers: 

  • Specialist analysis, research, and advice to inform policy makers on a range of democratic governance issues;
  • High quality and impactful programmes that directly support the full spectrum of institutions in political systems to develop inclusive political processes, more accountable political systems, protection of rights and freedoms, and more pluralistic societies; and 
  • International elections observation on behalf of the UK. 

Aim of this request for proposals 

WFD is issuing this Call for Experts (“Call”) to a range of potential experts and we would welcome a proposal from you or your organisation. This call constitutes an formal Request for quotes.

Proposal submission 

All proposals should be submitted in writing by midnight on Monday 19 February, must comply with the requirements of this call, and must include the information requested in the proposal requirements below. Proposals can be written in French or Arabic.  The proposal should be sent electronically and addressed to: karima.kassi@wfd.org  

The same email address should be used for any questions related to this call.  


  • Strategic planning: Collaborate with staff to develop a digital communications content strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals.
  • Target audience identification: Define and understand the primary audience for the website.
  • Key message development: Establish clear and impactful messaging tailored to the target audience.
  • Content update and improvement plan: Create a schedule and methodology for regular content updates and enhancements.
  • Enhancing digital presence: Focus on strategies to increase the organization’s visibility and engagement online, including SEO optimization and social media 

Scope of work

  • On-site consultation: The consultant will work on-site at the Council of the Nation in Algiers, Algeria.
  • Collaborative development: Work closely with staff members to understand the organization’s vision, mission, and objectives.
  • Strategy formulation: Develop a detailed digital communications content strategy document in French, outlining goals, target audience, key messages, and a content update plan.


The consultancy is expected to spend a period of:

  • 2 days consultation meetings with stakeholders (in person in Algiers); 2 days content strategy development (home-based)
  • 1 day strategy presentation and feedback (online presentation delivered from home base). 
  • 1 day content strategy revision/finalisation in line with feedback received. 
  • 0.5 day report writing and verbal de-brief with WFD focal point. The engagement in-country is expected to take place between end-February and-end-March 2024, with exact dates to be confirmed.


A comprehensive final report written in French is required at the end of the assignment, summarizing the consultancy’s outcomes and recommendations for the Council of the Nation to take forward. These recommendations should be practical, focusing on the implementation of the digital communications content strategy, addressing potential challenges, and highlighting opportunities for effective communication and engagement within the Council's context.

Working arrangements

  • Location: The primary location of the assignment will be at the Council of the Nation in Algiers, Algeria.
  • Travel expectations: The consultant is expected to travel to Algiers for the duration of the assignment. All travel arrangements and expenses will be supported and covered by WFD.
  • Tools and equipment: The consultant is expected to provide their own working tools, including laptops and relevant software. Necessary office space and basic amenities will be provided by WFD. 


The consultant will be compensated up to £400 per day, depending on experience and qualifications. Payment will be made via bank transfer from WFD in London to the Expert’s bank account upon receipt of an invoice and timesheet and as per WFD’s standard payment terms, unless alternative arrangements are agreed in advance of signing the consultancy contract. 

Minimum experience and expertise

  • Expertise: Proven experience in digital communications content strategy development, Proven experience in digital communications content strategy development, including for public institutions (and ideally parliaments).
  • Communication skills: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Awareness and respect for cultural differences, ideally with experience working in North Africa or the wider MENA region.
  • Language: Proficiency in French or Arabic is required.

Proposal requirements

In general, the proposal should include the following: 


Profile of the consultant

  • If the expert is currently registered with WFD’s expert roster, the expert should refer to this in the proposal and no further information is required. 
  • If the expert is not currently registered with the Expert Roster, the expert should provide a C.V. or information in the proposal document including: 
  • A summary of their professional biography and relevant career history/record of assignments; and  
  • case studies/credentials demonstrating relevant experience and skills profile  

Proposal responding to the scope and deliverables outlined above  

  • Clear explanation as to the proposed approach to meeting the specification set out in this call.  
  • Detailed project plan, including timelines, assumptions and dependencies, resourcing, and risks.  

Financial proposal  

  • Full breakdown time and cost estimates for the proposed solution in GBP sterling, including any daily rate to be applied. 
  • Separate accounting of VAT and/or any other applicable tax, duty, or charge.  
  • Detailing of any discount applied in view of WFD’s not-for-profit status.  


  • If the expert is currently registered with WFD’s Expert Roster, the expert should refer to this in the proposal and no further information is required. 
  • If the expert is not currently registered with WFD’s Expert Roster, the expert should include details of at least three references relating to similar expert services provided in the last three years. 

Queries about this call : Any questions related to this call should be addressed to karima.kassi@wfd.org 

Equal information: Should any potential expert raise a question that is of general interest, WFD reserves the right to circulate both question and answer to other respondents, either via WFD’s website or by email. In this event, anonymity will be maintained.

Annual reports: If you operate a personal services company, please provide a link or copy of your company’s latest audited annual accounts with the proposal.

Other information: If the potential expert believes that there is additional information that has not been requested in the call but is relevant to your proposal, please include that information as a separate attachment and explain its relevance to this call.