Invitation to tender: Internal audit and assurance services

23 December 2021
Vacancy - supplier
Invitation to tender: Internal audit and assurance services
WFD invites bids from suppliers to provide internal audit and assurance services from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025.

ITT Reference number: WFD_OPS_ITT01/22

The overview and tender information of this invitation to tender are set out below. Please make sure you download and read the full invitation to tender document, which includes:

  1. Overview
  2. Tender information
  3. Conditions of tendering
  4. General terms and conditions of purchase
  5. Certificate of compliance
  6. Annex A - WFD's Safeguarding policy
  7. Annex B - WFD's Anti-Corruption, Bribery and Fraud Policy
  8. Annex C - WFD's Anti-Terrorism Policy 

Thank you for your interest in working with Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

1. Overview

Description of company

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (“WFD”) is the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. WFD partners with UK political parties, parliaments, electoral and financial audit institutions to help over 30 developing countries make their governments fairer, more effective and accountable.

WFD’s head office is based in London, and the organisation currently has approximately 140 staff working from its head office and 30 country offices worldwide.

The aim of this invitation to tender

WFD is issuing this Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) to procure goods/services in accordance with the conditions detailed in the invitation to tender document, reference number WFD_OPS_ITT01/22.

WFD works with partners to secure and strengthen inclusive political processes, accountable political systems, protection of freedoms and rights, and more pluralist societies. To achieve these goals, WFD delivers a range of programmes, incorporating collaboration and learning activities, provision of technical advice and research, and a convening and thought leadership role. 

As an executive non-departmental public body, WFD is entrusted with a public role and resources to deliver on the UK Government’s international policy priorities and those of our other donors. Furthermore, WFD holds itself to the highest standards and one of WFD’s organisational values is ‘Accountability and Integrity’.  

Accordingly, from time to time, WFD procures the services of an outsourced internal audit and assurance service provider. The current incumbent was appointed in 2017 and WFD now intends to re-procure this provision of services.

As such, WFD invites bids from suppliers to provide internal audit and assurance services from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025.  This contract will be subject to a mid-term review on or about 30 September 2023.

The closing date for this ITT will be 5pm on Monday 7 February 2022. WFD intends to issue an independent contract or execute a call-down order contract under Crown Commercial Service framework agreement RM6188 Audit and Assurance Services for the above services on or before 28 February 2022.

Bid submission

All bids should be in a format that complies with the requirements of this ITT.

Bids should be submitted by email to: Chris Lane, Director of Operations at We recommend that bids are submitted in PDF format where possible, except spreadsheets.

Bids should refer clearly to the ITT reference number.

Should you require any further information or clarification on this ITT, please contact Chris Lane, Director of Operations at

Thank you for your interest in working with Westminster Foundation for Democracy

2. Tender information

a) Introduction

This document is an ITT and it forms part of the procurement exercise to support the selection of a supplier, to enter into a contract. The aim of this document is to identify functional and commercial requirements and provide instructions for submitting responses.  This document will also provide vital information as it relates to evaluation criteria and forms the basis for contractual arrangements.

This ITT is not an offer to contract; it is a definition of specific requirements and an invitation to submit a response addressing such requirements. WFD may modify these requirements in whole or in part and/or seek additional bidders to submit information/bids. WFD will not be liable to you for any losses or damages suffered by you as a result of the specific requirements or any amendment to such requirements.

b) Detailed scope and specification of this ITT

WFD wishes to procure the services of a supplier to provide independent and objective internal audit and assurance services, together with related consulting activity, on the effectiveness of governance, risk management and controls in line with Public Sector Internal Audit Standards, the Government Functional Standard for Internal Audit, and any other applicable standards, including any guidance issued by the Government Internal Audit Agency.

The selected supplier will:

  1. Develop, in consultation with WFD management, an internal audit charter, risk-based internal audit strategy for the three-year period, from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025, and an annual plan;
  2. Share progress reports with the quarterly meeting of the Board’s Audit & Risk Assurance Committee and liaise with the internal audit department of WFD’s parent department the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office as required;
  3. Offer regular insights to WFD’s Accounting Officer and the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee and an annual audit opinion for the purposes of WFD’s Annual Report & Accounts; and
  4. Provide assurance on governance, risk management and controls including but not limited to: the systems and processes underpinning WFD’s network and platform operations, information and communication technology, finance, commercial, people and culture, facilities management, and policy development and programme delivery, via commissioned internal audits or advisory assignments in accordance with the agreed strategy and plan.

WFD reserves the right to either contract the selected supplier independently, on WFD standard terms and conditions of services, or to enter into a call-down order contract with a preferred supplier listed under Lot 1 of the Crown Commercial Service framework agreement RM6188 Audit and Assurance Services.

The anticipated annual value of this contract in the first year is estimated as c.£15,000. This may be subject to review for the second and third years, subject to available funding.

c) Timescales

Description Date
Issue ITT 7 January 2022
Closing date for receipt of completed tender proposals 7 February 2022
Shortlisting of bids 9-11 February 2022
Supplier interviews/presentations to selection panel (if applicable) w/c 14 February 2022
WFD announces preferred supplier w/c 21 February 2022
Contract finalised and signed w/c 28 February 2022

d) Evaluation criteria

WFD’s selection panel will consider the following criteria, among others, in the evaluation of all responses:

  • Quality of bid document
  • Quality, capacity, reputation, and track-record of bidder to deliver WFD’s specification
  • Value for money (daily or per audit assignment rate)
  • References

Each criterion will be scored using the following table:

The bid submitted omits and fundamentally fails to meet WFD’s scope and specifications. Insufficient evidence to support the proposal to allow WFD to evaluate. Not Answered
1 The information submitted has a severe lack of evidence to demonstrate that WFD’s scope and specifications can be met. Significant omissions, serious and/or many concerns. Poor
2 The information submitted has some minor omissions in respect of WFD's scope and specifications. The tender satisfies the basic requirements in some respects but is unsatisfactory in other respects and raises some concerns. Satisfactory.
3 The information submitted provides some good evidence to meet the WFD’s scope and specifications and is satisfactory in most respects and there are few concerns. Good.
4 The information submitted provides good evidence that all of WFD's scope and specification can be met. Full and robust response, any concerns are addressed so that the proposal gives confidence. Very Good.
5 The information submitted provides strong evidence that all of WFD's scope and specification can be met and the proposal exceeds expectation i.e. exemplary in the industry. Provides full confidence and no concerns. Outstanding

e) Submitting a bid

In general, the bid should include a statement explaining the Bidder’s interest and suitability to be contracted to provide internal audit and assurance services to WFD and address the following matters:

  • Professional profile
  • Evidence of relevant experience and expertise or approach and how these meet the specification
  • Financial proposal
  • References
  • Confirmation of compliance with Conditions of Tendering

Organisational profile:

  • Professional profile, including brief history and financial overview
  • Names and brief biographies of the supplier’s key staff

Relevant experience and expertise

  • Case studies/credentials demonstrating relevant experience and skills profile, including the provision of internal audit and assurance services to departments or public sector bodies.
  • Examples (redacted as appropriate) of previous work products covering components (1) to (4) of the specification set out in this ITT.

Financial proposal

  • Proposed costings (e.g. daily rate or per audit assignment costs) in sterling
  • Confirm if VAT registered
  • Detailing of any discount applied in view of WFD’s public and not-for-profit status.


  • The bid should include details of two references relating to similar services provided in the last three years. Please note – referees will only be contacted once Preferred Bidder status is assigned.

Confirmation of acceptance of Conditions of Tendering

  • All bids should include a signed copy of the Confirmation of Compliance form as annexed to this ITT.

All bidders should also note the following

  • all bids should be submitted in English;
  • all bids should be submitted in electronic form;
  • this ITT and the response may be incorporated in whole or in part into the final contract;
  • only information provided in response to questions set out in this documentation will be taken into consideration for the purposes of evaluating the ITT;
  • bids which are poorly organised or poorly written, such that evaluation and comparison with other submissions is notably difficult, may exclude the bidder from further consideration;
  • any bids which do not fully comply with the requirements of this ITT may be disregarded at the absolute discretion of WFD.

All bids should be submitted as follows:

How to submit a bid

Closing date 7 February 2022
Contact name Chris Lane
Email address
Postal address

Westminster Foundation for Democracy

22 Whitehall



f) Tender queries

Any questions related to this tender should be addressed to Chris Lane at

g) Equal information policy

Should any Supplier raise a question that is of general interest, WFD reserves the right to circulate both question and answer to other respondents. In this event, anonymity will be maintained.

h) Annual reports

Please provide a link or copy of your company’s latest audited annual accounts.

i) Other information

If the potential supplier believes that there is additional information that has not been requested in the ITT but is relevant to your bid, please include that information as a separate attachment and explain its relevance to this ITT.

j) Term

It is proposed that any agreement resulting from this ITT process shall be for an initial period of 3 years, subject to a mid-year review on or about 30 September 2023.