PowerApps and SharePoint (low/no code) consultant

31 March 2022
Vacancy - supplier

PowerApps and SharePoint (low/no code) consultant

WFD Invitation to Tender PowerApps and SharePoint Developer


WFD is looking to engage a Microsoft PowerApps (low code) and SharePoint Online developer on a framework agreement to troubleshoot, develop and support our existing canvas PowerApps, develop a new PowerApp interface for our SharePoint Online based Expert Roster, and provide ad-hoc development support for SharePoint Online.

WFD encourages bids from individual consultants, as well as larger consultancy firms.

A Q&A section can be found at the bottom of this page which will be updated as potential bidders submit requests for information.


Westminster Foundation for Democracy (“WFD”) is the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. Operating internationally, WFD works with parliaments, political parties, and civil society groups as well as on elections to help make political systems fairer, more inclusive and more accountable.

. We are a problem-solving, practitioner-led organisation that offers:

  • Specialist analysis, research, and advice to inform policy makers on a range of democratic governance issues;
  • High quality and impactful programmes that directly support the full spectrum of institutions in political systems to develop inclusive political processes, more accountable political systems, protection of rights and freedoms, and more pluralistic societies; and 
  • International elections observation on behalf of the UK.

Aim of this Invitation to Tender

WFD is issuing this Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) to a range of potential suppliers of services and would welcome a bid from your organisation.

WFD is looking to to enter into a framework agreement with a single supplier, for the provision of Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint Online (low-code) development services, to cover each of the lots below.

We are looking for either an individual or a firm or company to deliver this contract. We anticipate the framework agreement to run to 31 March 2024.

Bid submission

All bids should be submitted by 23:59 on 6 January 2023 in writing, must comply with the requirements of this ITT, and must include the information requested in the Bid Requirements below.

The bid should be sent electronically and addressed to: WFD Procurement at procurement@wfd.org.  

The same email address should be used for any questions related to this ITT.

WFD’s standard terms and conditions for tendering and key policies are found at Policies | Westminster Foundation for Democracy (wfd.org) and you can find a copy of WFD’s Code of Conduct at Code of Conduct | Westminster Foundation for Democracy (wfd.org).

Detailed Specification


The primary objective of this framework is to improve and streamline WFD’s expert selection and programme approval workflows through the development of PowerApps and SharePoint Online. As a secondary objective, the selected supplier may also be called upon to deliver other ad hoc advice, assistance, or development within SharePoint Online and MS Power Platform.

Scope of work

There are four lots to the framework:

  1. Develop a new PowerApp-based search interface for WFD’s Expert Roster, hosted on SharePoint online
  2. Provide ongoing support/development for lot (1)
  3. Provide ad-hoc support for SharePoint Online and MS Power Platform
  4. Provide maintenance support for WFD’s two existing canvas PowerApps, used for programme approval workflows


WFD will enter into a framework agreement with the successful bidder(s). WFD will draw-down on this agreement by entering into Order Contracts with the successful bidder(s) for the assignment(s) under each lot, as listed in the ‘Scope of work’ section. Each order contract will set out the full Terms of Reference relating to the relevant assignment. The information detailed herein is therefore subject to change prior to contracting. A summary of the anticipated work for each lot is show in the below table:

Lot Number

Summary of deliverables

Time estimate (days)

Lot 1 - Develop a new PowerApp-based search interface for WFD’s Expert Roster, hosted on SharePoint online

  • Identification of user stories and initial technical requirements through interviews with end-user and key stakeholders
  • Selecting the ideal PowerApp based solution
  • Development, testing and deployment of search interface
  • Development of comprehensive end-user, admin and developer documentation and guidance
  • Delivery of end-user and admin training

We expect the same supplier to deliver the assignment(s) under lots 1 and 2.

10-15 total

Lot 2 - Provide ongoing support/development for Lot 1

  • Ongoing end-user and admin support
  • Identifying and writing emerging user stories
  • Maintaining the development roadmap and prioritising development tasks
  • Build, test and deploy bug fixes and new features

Requirements will be reviewed after the completion of work under Lot 1.

We expect the same supplier to deliver the assignment(s) under lots 1 and 2.

Up to 5 per month

Lot 3 - Provide ad-hoc support for SharePoint Online and MS Power Platform

We will require support for the continuous improvement on SharePoint Online, which may include:

  • Identification of technical requirements
  • General site configuration/architecture review
  • Developing site and document library templates
  • Creation and rollout of custom themes
  • Delivery of SharePoint admin training and support
  • Development of user/admin documentation and guidance
  • Creation and rollout of data retention policies
  • Configuring Power Apps data connections
  • Contribution to building Power BI reports

Deliverables and timelines will be agreed per-assignment.

To be agreed per assignment

Lot 4 - Provide maintenance support for WFD’s two existing canvas PowerApps, used for programme approval workflows (known internally as the Programme Approvals and Information System (PAIS))

  • Ongoing patching and break/fix support
  • Integration of data with PowerBI
  • Creation of PowerBI dashboards / reports
  • Development of new features

Note: we anticipate that there will be 3-4 WFD contact points to liaise with the winning contractor on these deliverables. It is expected that the winner of this lot will also deliver one or more of the above lots and will therefore be provided the opportunity to assess these two apps before committing to providing maintenance support.

Up to 2 per month (3-month initial term)


The timeline for delivery is anticipated as below:

Lot Number


Indicative Date

Lot 1

  • All deliverables under the assignment(s) are complete.

31 March 2023

Lot 2

  • Monthly check-ins in addition to milestones agreed for each support and development task.

1 April 2023 -

Lot 3

  • Milestones to be agreed per assignment / Order contract.


Lot 4

  • Anticipated initial term start date
  • Anticipated initial term end date
  • Possible extension to 31 March 2024

1 February 2023

30 April 2023

1 May 2023 - 31 March 2024


Reporting arrangements will be confirmed prior to entering into each Order Contract.

Working arrangements

It is expected that the assignment will be delivered remotely on the supplier’s premises. WFD will provide IT equipment and/or network access, which must be used exclusively for this assignment. Occasional travel to WFD’s Central London office may be required, should the need arise. In such instances, WFD would arrange accommodation and reimburse reasonable travel and subsistence costs, based on actual figures / receipts.  


Payment for the assignment(s) under each lot will be as per the below table. Please note that these arrangements are indicative, and are subject to contract:

Lot Number

Payment arrangements

Lot 1

Full cost is to be paid on completion of deliverables.

Lot 2

Up to 5 day per month retainer to be invoiced by supplier on the same date each month (dependent on contract start date). Initial 3-month trial period, extended for a further 12 months if successful.

Lot 3

It is expected that WFD will draw down on this lot periodically. Each assignment will be based on a set number of days / the agreed daily rate. Payment terms will be set out in each Order Contract

Lot 4

Up to 2 day per month retainer to be invoiced by supplier on the same date each month (dependent on contract start date). Initial 3-month trial period, extended for a further 12 months if successful.

Minimum experience and expertise

  • Strong development experience (5 years +) with the development of Microsoft Technologies (PowerApps, SharePoint Online and PowerBI)
  • Strong knowledge of peripheral Microsoft technologies (Azure AD, Exchange, Azure platform)
  • Experience with both waterfall and agile project delivery methodology
  • Some familiarity with coding languages, for example Power FX, DAX, HTML, CSS.

Bid process


Below is the proposed timescale for the tendering process. Please note the dates are indicative and subject to change. 



Issue ITT

19 December 2022

Deadline for supplier pre-submission questions

4 January 2023

Closing date for receipt of completed tender proposals

23:59 on 6 January 2023

Shortlisting of bids

9 January 2023

Supplier interviews/presentations to tender committee (if applicable)

10-13 January 2023

WFD announces preferred supplier

16 January 2023

Contract finalised and signed

20 January 2023

Bid requirements

In general, the bid should include the following:

  1. CV or organisational profile
  2. Proposed approach/solution. It should be clear which lot(s) the proposal applies to.
  3. Financial proposal
  4. References

Organisational profile (if applicable):

  • Company profile, including brief history and financial overview
  • Case studies/credentials demonstrating relevant experience and skills profile
  • Names and brief biographies of key staff

WFD is particularly keen to receive bids from organisations which are – or are working towards becoming – living wage employers and that have a broadly representative and balanced Board from gender and ethnicity perspectives. 

Proposed solution:

It should be clear which lot(s) the proposal applies to.

  • For lots 1 and lot 2: A proposed approach to identifying user stories and initial technical requirements.
  • For lots 3 and lot 4: Outline of project management approach and relevant case studies. Fees/day rate should be clearly stipulated.  

Financial proposal:

  • Full breakdown costings for the proposed solution in GBP. This may be a fixed fee for the assignment(s) under Lot 1 and/or a daily rate that applies to the other Lots.
  • Separate accounting of VAT and/or any other applicable tax, duty, or charge.
  • Detailing of any discount applied in view of WFD’s not-for-profit status.


  • The bid should include details of two references relating to similar services provided in the last three years. Please note – referees will only be contacted once Preferred Bidder status is assigned.

Confirmation of acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of Tendering:

  • By submitting a bid, you confirm acceptance to WFD’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Tendering which can be found on our website.

All bidders should also note the following:

  • all bids should be submitted in English;
  • all bids should be submitted in electronic form only;
  • this ITT and the response may be incorporated in whole or in part into the final contract;
  • only information provided in response to questions set out in this documentation will be taken into consideration for the purposes of evaluating the ITT;
  • bids which are poorly organised or poorly written, such that evaluation and comparison with other submissions is notably difficult, may exclude the bidder from further consideration; and
  • any bids which do not fully comply with the requirements of this ITT may be disregarded at the absolute discretion of WFD.

Evaluation criteria

WFD intends to shortlist providers based on their response to the RFP and will use the following scoring criteria.



Quality of bid document

20 %

Service offer and fit to specification

20 %

Value for money

20 %

Professional profile, track record and references


Relevant experience

20 %

Total Weighting

100 %


WFD will score each criterion using the following table:


The proposal submitted omits and fundamentally fails to meet WFD’s scope and specifications. Insufficient evidence to support the proposal to allow WFD to evaluate. Not Answered


The information submitted has a severe lack of evidence to demonstrate that WFD’s scope and specifications can be met. Significant omissions, serious and/or many concerns. Poor


The information submitted has some minor omissions in respect of WFD's scope and specifications. The tender satisfies the basic requirements in some respects but is unsatisfactory in other respects and raises some concerns. Satisfactory.


The information submitted provides some good evidence to meet the WFD’s scope and specifications and is satisfactory in most respects and there are few concerns. Good.


The information submitted provides good evidence that all of WFD's scope and specification can be met. Full and robust response, any concerns are addressed so that the proposal gives confidence. Very Good.


The information submitted provides strong evidence that all of WFD's scope and specification can be met and the proposal exceeds expectation i.e. exemplary in the industry. Provides full confidence and no concerns. Outstanding

Tender Queries

Any questions related to this tender should be addressed to WFD Procurement at procurement@wfd.org. Note that the WFD office is closed from 24 December 2022 - 2 January 2023 and we will not be able to respond to queries during this period.

Equal Information

Should any supplier raise a question that is of general interest, WFD reserves the right to circulate both question and answer to other respondents, either via WFD’s website or by email. In this event, anonymity will be maintained.

Annual reports (if applicable)

Please provide a link or copy of your company’s latest audited annual accounts with the bid.

Other information

If the potential supplier believes that there is additional information that has not been requested in the ITT but is relevant to your bid, please include that information as a separate attachment and explain its relevance to this ITT.


Lot 1.

Q: Brief description of Business context/purpose/overview of Expert Roster?
A: The Expert Roster is a list of specialist consultants that WFD may engage from time to time to deliver programme components.

Q: Number of Site Collections/Sites & Size (GB)?
A: One list stored on one site collection

Q: Number of Document Libraries & approx. number of documents and overall size (GB) – if any? 
A: Although there are document libraries linked via some of the columns, the interface will only be for the main list.

Q: Number of Lists & approx. number of items in lists?
A: 1 list, 500 rows

Q: Scale of data set e.g. Approx. Roster volume (Archive/Active/typical number of Entries per day)?
A: Approximately 2-3 new entries per day. Experts that have not been engaged in the last 3 years are purged from the list.

Q: Number of end users?
A: Approximately 75

Q: Number of key stakeholders?
A: Assuming this means for the development of the interface, we imagine this would be 2-4. 

Q: Current M365 Licensing?
A: All users are licensed for PowerApps with the SharePoint connector.

Q: What are the user search requirements, i.e., is it simply integrating with Sharepoint search functionality or any custom search requirements are part of this lot? 
A: The search function will have to use free text as well as filter by multiple categories and sub-categories with both AND and OR logics. The categories and sub-categories will initially include geographic, institutional and thematic expertise. The system should be able to handle changes to the category structure. 

Q: Does the Expert Roster has an outward facing URL and therefore if the "Identification of user stories and initial technical requirements through interviews with end-user and key stakeholders" relates to external as well as internal users?
A: The Expert Roster in its current form doesn’t have an outward facing URL and all end-users and key stakeholders are internal. As a part of next steps in automating our processes we may consider collecting data from experts via input forms that are outward facing.

Q: Could you identify specific role types of the end-users. Are these research officers, are they subject matter experts across specific geographical or topic areas of interest etc.? 
A: Our initial list of end-users includes admins (who will input and manage data), programme managers (who will search for experts to support the delivery of projects), and bid managers (who will search for experts to include in proposals). 

Lot 3.

Q: Where are the data sources for the Power BI Dashboards, Reports?
A: Data sources include SharePoint, Excel and MS Dynamics

General Queries:

Q: As the requirements for Lot 3 and 4 are not yet fixed and are to be identified on an on-going basis, does our commercial proposal include the Rate per day for the contractor? and is this sufficient? If not, do you have any format for submitting the commercial proposal?
A: A day rate will suffice for these lots, as well as a general outline of the project management approach. We would also encourage suppliers to submit relevant case studies to demonstrate competence in these areas.

Q: Is there any budget limit on the overall tender or per lot, if so, could you please share the details?
A: An Indicative number of days has been provided in the deliverables section, where possible. A budget limit has not been stipulated. 

Q: Is there an existing governance, and standard operating procedures in place for the use of Power platform? 
A: WFD has established project governance procedures in place. Each major project is allocated a project sponsor, project lead, and a project team is established. Prior to commencing each lot, WFD will agree an Order Contract, including terms of reference and reporting requirements, with the successful bidder.

Q: Would you consider an India based support for this opportunity? Infotechtion is based in UK with consultants across UK and India. 
A: For reasons of data protection compliance, we would need to ensure that any consultant(s) working on the WFD account are located in – and processing data within – the UK.

Q: Are SharePoint libraries and lists already in the Modern experience? E.g. Moder groups based sites vs classic sites
A: Yes

Q: Can we safely assume that whilst the tender talks about a 'consultant' you are probably needing a bit more back-up in terms of UX/UI design (for the search capability), testing/QA and some account/project management. Is that correct? Or, would you really prefer a MS (Sharpeoint / PowerApps) developer as a sole individual?
A: Our preference is a single individual who can focus on our needs, is responsive and delivers in short iterations. We welcome this person receiving support in some areas, however this individual should be a single point of contact for us with full ownership of their work.