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Welcome to the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the UK's leading democracy-building foundation.
  Established in 1992, WFD is an independent public body sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The organisation provides expertise in developing parliaments, political party structures and civil society organisations – the key institutions that make up a functioning democracy. Click here to read more about what we do, and click here to read about where we work.

Recent news

29 October 2014
Lib Dem logo 99
In partnership with the UK Liberal Democrats, the Africa Liberal Network will convene next month in Marrakesh, Morocco. The largest gathering of the network to date, this year's theme is: 'Human rights, increasing participation: providing a voice for all.'
26 October 2014
Flag of Tunisia
As Tunisia votes for its first parliament under a new constitution passed earlier this year, WFD launches a programme to support the newly elected members fulfil their roles as MPs and representatives of their parties.
20 October 2014
IPU October 2014
Can WFD work with other European parliamentary strengthening initiatives to advance its goal of achieving greater democratic outcomes overseas? A question that was debated at a gathering of parliamentary experts convened by WFD.
07 October 2014
The International Development Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into whether DFID should give higher priority to parliamentary strengthening in developing countries. WFD has submitted evidence and recommendations that greater investment and ambition are required in supporting parliaments.
22 September 2014
Laura Johansen
A representative of the British Embassy in DRC accompanied WFD to Kisangani to witness at first hand the impact of the Foundation's programme, 'Supporting democracy development in Province Orientale.'