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Welcome to the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the UK's leading democracy-building foundation.
  Established in 1992, WFD is an independent public body sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The organisation provides expertise in developing parliaments, political party structures and civil society organisations – the key institutions that make up a functioning democracy. Click here to read more about what we do, and click here to read about where we work. If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter click here.   

Recent news

24 April 2015
George Kunnath
Westminster Foundation for Democracy plays a central role in strengthening overseas parliaments - including support to parliamentarians in navigating the challenging terrain of fiscal management. WFD's George Kunnath says that the age of austerity highlights the essential role that parliaments can and should play in public finance management. For more read his blog.
21 April 2015
How can parliaments best protect and promote human rights? This is the central question addressed by the recently published 'Parliaments and Human Rights' which examines parliamentary practices that can uphold national and international human rights laws.
26 March 2015
The UK Liberal Democrats have been working with their sister party in Serbia for three years, developing party structures to support young people, women and minority rights. Now the party has established a human rights council with a specific focus on LGBT. For more read this blog by the UK Liberal Democrats international projects officer, Harriet Shone.
19 March 2015
The UK government's response to the recent inquiry into the role of parliamentary strengthening has been published. It fully endorses WFD's position that by working together a network of organisations can offer an unrivalled source of expertise in the field of parliamentary strengthening and governance.
11 March 2015
Anthony Smith strategy launch
WFD's strategic framework 2015-2020 launched in Parliament