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Online event - 02 July 2023
2023 Advanced Course on Innovations in Post-Legislative Scrutiny

Registrations are now open for WFD and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies' 2023 Advanced Course on Innovations in Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS).

A woman using a wheelchair is making a speech in the centre of a circle. Around her, people join hands and cheer using signs and giant fingers
19 July 2023
WFD at Women Deliver 2023: Embracing feminist political leadership in advancing democracy

To support women leaders to survive and thrive in their political lives, WFD is holding an event at the Women Deliver 2023 conference. This event is organised in partnership with the National Democratic Institute, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Centre and Open Society Foundations.

The session is an opportunity for women who lead across the political landscape to reflect on how they might use their political capital, access, privileges, tactics and positionality to collectively address the coordinated attacks on women’s political leadership, which undermine democracy and progress towards transparent, inclusive and responsive governance.

A facilitated panel will explore the role feminist solidarity has played in their leadership and how they have navigated their feminist ideologies within formal political spaces.

The panel will be followed by a broader discussion that uses participative methods to draw out follow-ups and responses to the speakers from those in attendance.

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Online event - 21 March 2023
Launch of the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI)

During a time when elections around the world face an evolving and increasingly complex set of threats and challenges, sustained cooperation among global electoral integrity stakeholders is urgently needed. On 21 March, over 30 leading global organizations and networks in the electoral integrity community will come together to launch the GNSEI.

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07 December 2022
Report launch: Women’s political leadership in the ASEAN region

The relationship between women and politics has been marred with challenges since the dawn of organised politics. Women stay away from politics for too many reasons: glass ceilings, discrimination, physical and mental violence, maternal responsibilities, and so on. We at Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) have been working on finding supporting women as they overcome some of these challenges and participate fully and equally in politics and public life. We will be launching a brand new report on women’s political leadership in the ASEAN region that addresses barriers to women’s political leadership in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

We will be exploring the barriers and challenges women in the ASEAN region face when competing in politics, and we will explore ways they can overcome those barriers and secure a place at the table. We will also be discussing the steps and decisions that lead women to becoming leaders and their many pathways: Where did they start? How did they get here? And what can we do to help more women make it to the top? 

The report launch will be followed by two roundtable discussions:

  1. Pathways to Women’s Political Leadership in the ASEAN region - to find out how women circumvent barriers and chart new pathways
  2. Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) - a learning session from women MPs and WFD experts on the importance of GRB to how they applied GRB in their countries. 

Join us online as we discuss these issues with our lead research authors, Dr Aim Sinpeng (University of Sydney) and Amalinda Savirani (Universitas Gadjah Mada) as they outline the current situation, main findings and key recommendations, and hear what women political leaders from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have to say on their challenges and journey as a woman and a lawmaker.

This report launch will be live streamed online from Bali, Indonesia. It takes place as 12.00pm Jakarta time / 1.00pm Bali time.

People on podiums with a crowd cheering
29 November 2022
Parliamentarians standing up to violence against women in politics

As part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (a global campaign held in all countries of the world from the period of 25 November to 10 December), UN Women and Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in collaboration with the Women Parliamentary Caucus of the Republic of Indonesia will be holding a discussion forum on violence against women in politics (VAWP) with national stakeholders, including the  Election Commission, Members of Parliament, relevant government and ministry representatives, gender equality advocates, civil society organisations working on elections and politics, and development partners.

This dialogue will provide an opportunity to reflect on how VAWP affects women during elections and in the political arena, how it is treated, and how it can be better addressed in the future. Moreover, this event will raise awareness on VAWP to make people recognise the violence, break the silence, and prevent it from happening.

The event will be hybrid with in-person participation by participants in Jakarta and online participation available. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Indonesian will be provided. The event will take place from 9.00am to 1.00pm WIB.

plastics on barbados beach
Online event - 23 November 2022
Report launch: Legislative leadership on environmental issues

How can parliaments protect the environment? This free online event will explore how environmental issues are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. More extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels and wide-spread pollution complicate everyday lives of millions of people around the world, but governments’ action on these issues is often slow. This raises concerns that the longer we wait to act on environment, the more likely we are to find ourselves in crisis conditions that require swift action at the expense of democratic governance.

Parliaments play an important role in democratic policymaking, but they are already getting bypassed when it comes to environmental action. To examine the extent to which parliaments protect the environment, this event launches a report which examines single-use plastic (SUP) bans in 32 countries and three in-depth case studies of Barbados, Kenya and Thailand. The report suggests that legislatures can play an important role in environmental policymaking and that promoting swift environmental action at the expense of democratic governance does not always pay dividends.

Join the report's lead author, Dr Petra Alderman (University of Birmingham) as she outlines the main findings, in conversation with WFD's Environmental Democracy Advisor, Rafael Jimenez Aybar. The event will also feature remarks from experts involved in the research, including HE Professor Judi Wakhungu (former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya) and Nikola Simpson (Head of the Blue Economy Accelerator Lab, UNDP).

You can now read the report in full.