Accountability and transparency

Accountability and transparency

Accountability and transparency are at the heart of the functioning of democracies.
Parliamentary budget office staff in North Macedonia
Around the world, WFD is helping to make countries’ political systems more accountable. In an accountable political system, citizens can hold people with power responsible for their decisions, usually via parliament and civil society. This means that there are consequences when things go wrong, and lessons are learned when things could be improved. In turn, this helps ensure better delivery of public services.

Parliaments (also known as legislatures) hold government and decision makers (also known as the executive) to account. This involves:

  • Monitoring the intended and unintended consequences of laws they pass
  • Checking whether public money is spent effectively and efficiently
  • Strengthening integrity in public office and combatting corruption
  • Ensuring governments comply with human rights and other standards

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Our expertise

Franklin De Vrieze - Head of Practice

Franklin is a democracy and governance expert with extensive experience in post conflict, fragile and transition countries. His areas of expertise are parliamentary strengthening, legislative impact analysis and scrutiny, institution building for anti-corruption and integrity, policy making on combatting illegal finance, and the oversight role of parliaments on public finances and public debt.