WFD produces research that aims to build an evidence base for and improve the quality of democracy assistance. We also generate policy that contributes new tools for democracy support, as well as guides for parliaments, civil society and democracy support practitioners. 
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Discover women's paths to political leadership in Southeast Asia with our research

This research outlines what barriers women face in their pursuit of political leadership and profiles women who have broken through these barriers or have forged and democratised pathways to political power. 


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A survey produced by the association Open the Windows with support from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in North Macedonia investigates how accessible higher education institutions are for persons with disabilities in North Macedonia. It also provides recommendations for universities.
01 December 2023 | Study
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This study explores the relationship between the discrimination LGBT+ Sri Lankans experience and the protection the state offers through the equality established by law and policy.
14 November 2023 | Report
Beyond data report
This policy brief discusses where risks to democracy from AI are emerging, what a democratic response to AI governance and safety looks like and the role of parliaments worldwide in enabling this response. It outlines how the democratic governance community can help plot a course of action to ensure that democracy is protected in the face of rapid AI advancements.
27 October 2023 | Briefing
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This report focuses on the availability of healthcare services for the Upcountry Tamil community and the LGBTQIA+ community of the country, accessibility to such services, and the quality of their service provision.
18 October 2023 | Report
A cover page of the document on helath sector analysis in Sri Lanka
The main objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the availability of transport to access basic services such as health and education. The study is a follow-up analysis which entailed exploring budgetary allocation for transport and health sectors in Sri Lanka.
18 October 2023 | Report
A cover page of the document the analysis of transport sector in Sri Lanka
Recognising the media's pivotal role to support women’s political leadership, WFD partnered with Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Communication Arts and the Thai Journalists Association. Together, they conducted a series of workshops from February to June 2023 for 20 journalists across various media platforms in Thailand, focusing on gender-sensitive reporting. Following these workshops, this document titled "Manual for Journalists in Reporting with a Gender Justice and Gender Sensitivity Perspective" in Thai language was produced, serving as a vital guide for journalists covering political news and sexual harassment cases with sensitivity and justice.

29 September 2023 | Guide
An illustration of group of women with orange background
This study examines the degree of inclusivity of political parties in Nigeria against the backdrop of perceived unfulfilled potential that responds to women, young people, and persons with disabilities who want to engage in politics.
28 September 2023 | Report
Resource cover page of the study of inclusive practices of Nigeria's political parties
A report on the conceptual and practical overlaps between environmental democracy and effective climate adaptation and a framework to guide practitioners to assess climate adaptation through a lens of environmental democracy.
27 September 2023 | Report
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This manual provides information on the procedures and approaches of the post-legislative scrutiny, explaining the format and outline of the post-legislative scrutiny plan, the report of the post-legislative scrutiny and the resolution of the National Assembly session on the adoption of the post-legislative scrutiny results in detail.
01 September 2023 | Guide
A cover page of the document on PLS
This paper from Dr Maria Mousmouti explores the significance of evaluating post-legislative scrutiny activities in parliaments. She proposes an evaluative framework, drawing on previous work by WFD, that incorporates traditional criteria, while also integrating important principles like inclusivity and democratic governance impact. Throughout, Dr Mousmouti provides valuable insights and practical examples to guide the evaluation process, emphasising the importance of transparency, accountability, and building public trust.
30 August 2023 | Guide
Resource cover page of the WFD evaluation on the results of PLS activities by parliaments
Strategic guide for women candidates in Indonesia’s 2024 election
11 July 2023 | Guide
The front cover of the guide on a blue background
This manual provides practical guidance preparing, organising and following up on post-legislative scrutiny activities. The manual proposes new or additional parliamentary practices to improve the efficiency of PLS and/or its outreach to the public. This document is a revised and updated version of WFD’s PLS manual from 2017.
27 June 2023 | Guide
Picture of the parliamentary innovation through post-legislative scrutiny manual
This resource equips media professionals with the knowledge and tools to debunk common myths and misconceptions about energy and climate change. It provides accurate information, clarifies misconceptions, and empowers journalists to counter misinformation with evidence-based reporting.
26 June 2023 | Briefing
KP-myth busting-ENG
This resource delves into the critical intersection of climate change and social inequalities. It explores how environmental challenges disproportionately impact vulnerable communities, shedding light on the need for inclusive and equitable climate action. By providing a deeper understanding of the social dimensions of climate change, this resource fosters a more informed and fair discourse on the subject.
26 June 2023 | Briefing
KP-Social Inequalities-ENG
The document serves as a valuable guide, offering effective communication strategies for discussing climate change in the media. It provides essential guidance on crafting compelling narratives and employing engaging storytelling techniques to effectively convey the urgency and significance of climate change to the public.
26 June 2023 | Briefing
KP-How should media talk about CC