WFD produces research that aims to build an evidence base for and improve the quality of democracy assistance. We also generate policy that contributes new tools for democracy support, as well as guides for parliaments, civil society and democracy support practitioners.
An woman sitting at a table reads WFD research on access to health services in Sri Lanka
An audience member reads WFD research on access to health services in Sri Lanka,
WFD produces research that aims to build an evidence base for and improve the quality of democracy assistance. We also generate policy that contributes new tools for democracy support, as well as guides for parliaments, civil society and democracy support practitioners. 
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This briefing paper presents eight recommendations to strengthen current measures against disinformation based on the discussions  during BCSMF and DAP.


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The study aims to shed light on the prevailing situation and offer insights and a deeper understanding of violence in politics within Montenegrin society.
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The purpose of this brief is to serve as a tool for monitoring and driving the future strategies of political parties in North Macedonia in the direction of greater participation of women in politics. It is available for download in English, Macedonian, and Albanian.
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In November 2023, WFD co-hosted the 6th Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners as well as the inaugural Democracy Action Partnership (DAP). These briefing papers expand on the insights and recommendations exchanged during the BCSMF working groups.
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This policy document is a collaborative advocacy initiative of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and ENGENDER Consultancy. The report delves into each of the measures presented in the Budget under three distinct themes — inclusive and sustainable economic growth, institutional reforms, and good governance, each of which is framed to restore confidence and combat inequality through social justice.
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The analysis “Delayed youth participation – Local elections 2021” looks at the youth representation in the local elections in North Macedonia, held in 2021.
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Analysis delayed youth participation in Macedonia – local elections 2021 (Macedonian)
Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in North Macedonia supported the development of two analyses on youth and youth policies followed by a panel discussion with representatives from institutions and the youth sector.
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The study unveils the vulnerabilities of women by exploring how climate change affects their social, economic, cultural, and political lives in both rural and urban areas.
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Vulnerability Assessment in Georgia_GE
The primary objective of the survey was to comprehensively understand public sentiment regarding environmental and climate issues throughout Georgia. The survey delved into perceptions and attitudes towards climate change, awareness levels, behaviors aimed at mitigating climate change, and opinions on existing climate change policies.
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Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), in collaboration with the Forum for Reasonable Policies, proudly presents the Political Party Transparency Index (PPTI) conducted in North Macedonia. This initiative seeks to assess the transparency, achievements, and challenges of political parties. The Index delves into three key pillars: internal party democracy, financial transparency, and accessibility to the public, utilizing over 80 indicators for a comprehensive evaluation of participating political parties.
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A survey produced by the association Open the Windows with support from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in North Macedonia investigates how accessible higher education institutions are for persons with disabilities in North Macedonia. It also provides recommendations for universities.
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This study explores the relationship between the discrimination LGBT+ Sri Lankans experience and the protection the state offers through the equality established by law and policy.
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Beyond data report
This policy brief discusses where risks to democracy from AI are emerging, what a democratic response to AI governance and safety looks like and the role of parliaments worldwide in enabling this response. It outlines how the democratic governance community can help plot a course of action to ensure that democracy is protected in the face of rapid AI advancements.
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This report focuses on the availability of healthcare services for the Upcountry Tamil community and the LGBTQIA+ community of the country, accessibility to such services, and the quality of their service provision.
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The main objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the availability of transport to access basic services such as health and education. The study is a follow-up analysis which entailed exploring budgetary allocation for transport and health sectors in Sri Lanka.
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Recognising the media's pivotal role to support women’s political leadership, WFD partnered with Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Communication Arts and the Thai Journalists Association. Together, they conducted a series of workshops from February to June 2023 for 20 journalists across various media platforms in Thailand, focusing on gender-sensitive reporting. Following these workshops, this document titled "Manual for Journalists in Reporting with a Gender Justice and Gender Sensitivity Perspective" in Thai language was produced, serving as a vital guide for journalists covering political news and sexual harassment cases with sensitivity and justice.

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