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Discover women's paths to political leadership in Southeast Asia with our research

This research outlines what barriers women face in their pursuit of political leadership and profiles women who have broken through these barriers or have forged and democratised pathways to political power. 


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The policy paper titled ‘Gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny’ examines the meeting point between post-legislative scrutiny and gender analysis.
16 July 2020 | Briefing
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This case study examines how post-legislative scrutiny of gender (non-gender-specific) legislation can integrate a gender-informed approach.
16 July 2020 | Briefing
Despite the distinctive characteristics of the different countries, some common features of their subsequent transformations have a bearing on the degree and specifics of the corruption phenomenon across these and neighbouring countries, which makes them more comparable. This should betaken into consideration when analysing the attitude of parliaments toward anti-corruption agencies.
10 July 2020 | Study
This brief examines the multifaceted role of parliament in the oversight of public debt and debt management. This brief was commissioned prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, when concerns were already being raised about rising public debt levels in developing countries.
08 July 2020 | Briefing
It is clear is that there are significant risks associated with leaving governments to effectively manage public debt without proper oversight. Parliament needs to, among other things, set and modernize legal frameworks for debt management, properly examine and ratify loan agreements and oversee the riskiest generators of public debt—SOEs.
01 July 2020 | Briefing
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Members of Parliament (MPs) in Kenya are amongst the highest paid in the world relative to the size of the economy. This study looks at the cost of parliamentary politics in Kenya.
01 July 2020 | Study
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This report examinse the importance of the role of parliaments in the oversight of implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, and explores seven different models of environmental governance around the world, including examples from Canada, England, New Zealand and Slovakia. 
18 June 2020 | Report
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Bosnia and Herzegovina is losing up to €21,000 per person that leaves the country, according to the new WFD research. Figures from 2018 show that 44,700 people left the country and according to OECD data, the favourite destinations for people from Bosnia and Herzegovina are Germany (54%), Slovenia (26%), and Austria  (9%).
12 June 2020 | Study
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This paper reviews existing research on political trust, explaining why it is important, what we know about it, and – perhaps most importantly – what we don’t. It argues that if practitioners are to foster greater levels of political trust, research into that phenomenon needs to become more innovative.
27 May 2020 | Report
A new survey by WFD in Serbia shows a very high level of distrust among Serbian citizens in democratic processes in the country. 80% believe that voting at the elections can not change the situation in Serbia and 60% of the surveyed citizens do not trust any politician in the country. At the same time, more than 60% of respondents said they occasionally or more seriously consider leaving the country.
21 May 2020 | Report
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This induction handbook for Senators was produced by the WFD Uzbekistan programme
18 March 2020 | Guide
Aan introduction to independent oversight institutions and their relationship with parliament.

02 March 2020 | Guide
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The usage of information and communication technology by parliaments can enhance the transparency and accountability of institutions and legislative processes as well as provide anopportunity to engage citizens.
01 March 2020 | Report
Direct democracy is in danger of being taken over by the wealthy. A survey of 34 countries’ regulation of referenda shows that worldwide, regulation is minimal and open to abuse. Countries everywhere need urgent reforms of their institutions of direct democracy to ensure that it is not taken over by the wealthy.
01 March 2020 | Study
A global and country-specific analysis of parliaments’ relationships with Supreme Audit, Anti-Corruption, and Human Rights institutions
27 February 2020 | Study
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