Monitoring the state budget on health in Albania

Monitoring the state budget on health in Albania

As the COVID-19 pandemic is persisting and causes many health and economic problems across the world, national governments have taken measures to face the consequences by allocating additional resources, especially in the healthcare systems. Albania, despite its fragile health care system, has responded by adapting the state health budget to meet the needs of the citizens and to better address the pandemic.
WFD Albania in cooperation with Together for Life has monitored the Health State Budget for the period September 2020 - April 2021. Furthermore, it has monitored the State Health Budget for Reimbursements related to Covid 19 and Investment in Medical Equipment for the same period.

These reports serve not only as a unique monitoring effort, but also as advocacy tools to be used by civil society and the public to further improve the health system to better serve the citizens in need.

The reports address the following questions:

  • What are the total expenses on health spent by the government?
  • How is the health state budget distributed among the main categories?
  • How much did the primary and secondary health care services benefit?
  • How much benefited the national medical emergency service?
  • What are the planned Covid 19 pandemic management costs for 2021?
  • How many citizens benefited from the reimbursement packages for Covid 19 treatment?
  • What are the main investments in medical equipment needed to cope with the pandemic?
  • How much did Albania benefit from the foreign aid and donors to face the pandemic?

For further information and details, please find the reports below.

Monitoring Report of the Health State Budget

Monitoring Report on the State Budget for Reimbursement 

Raporti i Monitorimit të Buxhetit të Shtetit

Raporti Monitorimi Buxheti Shtetit për Rimbursimin