Monitoring the Climate change Strategy in Albania

Monitoring the Climate change Strategy in Albania

Albania is one of the Western Balkans' countries most susceptible to changing climate trends. Alternating weather patterns have already been observed over the last 15 years and the main Albanian document on addressing them is the National Strategy for Climate Change (NSCC) and respective Plans approved by the Albanian Government in July 2019.

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in Albania helped conduct a research regarding the National Strategy and its implementation. In cooperation with Resource Environmental Center Albania (REC), we prepared a report aiming to assist legislative and decision-making authorities at the central level, the units responsible for cross-sectoral policies in respective institutions, sectors covering technical and monitoring climate features, and civil society actors.

Some of the key questions the report aims to answer are:

  • What are the challenges Albania is facing in implementing the NSCC?
  • How does the contribution of environmental CSOs look?
  • What is the progress of Albania in the implementation of NSCC?

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