Environmental democracy

Under the UKAID-supported programme “Advancing Environmental Protection, Climate Change and Democratic Resilience in Georgia: Phase 2”, the WFD presents the results of a quantitative survey of Climate Change and an Environmentally Focused Nationwide Opinion Poll in Georgia.

The purpose of the quantitative research was to study the attitudes and opinions of the population of Georgia regarding environmental and climate change issues.

The quantitative research instrument contained four sections:

Climate change is a pressing issue that is impacting every individual on the planet. Therefore, public opinion and perceptions on the issue is an essential factor for policymakers to address the consequences of climate change. To gain insight into the public's understanding and viewpoints on climate change, Westminster Foundation for Democracy assigned Breavis, a research and marketing communications firm, to conduct a survey in Armenia from December 6th to December 13th. 

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly hard to ignore. More extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels and wide-spread pollution complicate everyday lives of millions of people around the world, but formal environmental action lags behind what scientists often deem as necessary to stop the pace of environmental decline. This raises concerns that the longer we wait to take formal environmental action, the more likely we are to find ourselves in crisis conditions that require swift environmental action at the expense of democratic governance.