#S4D3: Why democracy tomorrow means climate action today

Environmental democracy

#S4D3: Why democracy tomorrow means climate action today

19 March 2024
2.00pm Korean standard time, 5.00am UK time

South Korea


WFD's session at the 2024 Summit for Democracy will make the case for an urgent wave of deep democratisation through climate planning in 2024.

The future of democracy and of climate action are intertwined. The +1.5C target of the Paris Agreement has all but slipped out of hand and the Earth system heads for severe disruption. Democracies are failing on their climate action commitments. Also, they are mostly failing to invigorate democratic practice while designing climate responses, to the detriment of both climate integrity and democratic health, and as a result climate action is increasingly being captured by cultural wars and not happening at the pace required. As the world heats up, we will end up with either more democracy, or with less. Delivering climate action to stave off the worst impacts of climate change requires a democratic renewal rooted in participation, transparency and justice as a critical enabling condition. This session will make the case for an urgent wave of "deep democratisation through climate planning" in 2024, as countries develop their next 5-years Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)."


  • Maureen Odouri, WFD Kenya Country Director
  • Kanbar Hossein Bor, Head Democratic Governance and Media Freedom Department, FCDO
  • Rachel Kyte, Professor of Practice in Climate Policy, University of Oxford
  • Rafael Jimenez Aybar, WFD Practice Lead, Environmental Democracy
  • Jennie King, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), Director of Climate Research and Policy
  • Nate Rugh, Environmental Scientist, Researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, activist with Scientist Rebellion and cofounder of Extinction Rebellion Spain
  • Hon. Biyika Lawrence Songa MP, Chair of the Committee of Environment, Natural Resources, Climate Change and Science, Technology and Innovation, Chair of the Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change, Parliament of Uganda
  • Malini Mehra FRSA, CEO, GLOBE Legislators; Chair, Just Transition Group, London Sustainable Development Commission.
  • Adhityani Putri, Policy and Engagement Specialist, Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) Indonesia Secretariat & Founder of Indonesia Cerah Foundation


The event will be live-streamed on YouTube

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