Events at WFD: we host regular online and in-person events.
Post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) clinic: Public consultation and participation

Conducting a stakeholder consultation is a key moment in post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) activities. There are many ways to consult and collect information as part of PLS, from calls for written and oral evidence to field visits. In this PLS clinic, parliamentary experiences on consultation will be shared by three distinguished speakers. 

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#S4D3: Why democracy tomorrow means climate action today

WFD's session at the 2024 Summit for Democracy will make the case for an urgent wave of deep democratisation through climate planning in 2024.

Women lead: Transforming women’s candidate selection prospects within political parties

This expert conference aims to shine light on political party practices that identify and nurture women candidates and support them on to positions of party leadership. Political leaders representing parties from around the world will both showcase and learn about reforms and innovations that political parties can adopt to better support women candidates. Participants will lead debates on how to identify, nurture, promote, and expand female talent within their parties, focusing on candidate recruitment, support, and selection.

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Information and democracy: Panel discussion on Taiwan's 2024 election and beyond

Taiwan has become a global focal point for electoral discussions, drawing attention due to its unique democratic landscape. Taiwan has had challenges around ensuring that information is reliable and can be trusted and it has been working towards addressing these challenges and improving its information environment. This in-person event will comprehensively examine these challenges and explore potential solutions. 

Past events

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30 November 2023
Factchecking in the democracy information ecosystem

Online misinformation endangers democracy and the integrity of elections. WFD’s Democracy Action Partnership side-event to the Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) 2023, brings together experience and knowledge of experts involved in factchecking and media literacy campaigns to discuss safeguarding the democracy information ecosystem.     

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29 November 2023
Taking collective action on violence against women in politics and elections in Asia

WFD’s Democracy Action Partnership side-event to the Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) 2023 focuses on the threat of violence against women in politics and elections (VAWP) and aims to facilitate the response we need in Asia and across the world.

Online event - 21 November 2023
Indicators for Democratic Parliaments: Launch event

Parliaments, partners, civil society organizations and all interested parties are warmly invited to join the official launch of the Indicators for Democratic Parliaments.

The launch event will present the purpose and content of the Indicators, as well as how they can be used to assess parliamentary capacity and performance.

The launch event will be held online. The two sessions will have the same content but will take place at different times in order to enable participants in different time zones to attend. Participants can indicate which session they wish to join in the registration form.

Session 1:  Tuesday, 21 November 2023, 10:00–11:30 CET (interpretation in English, French and Arabic)

Session 2: Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 16:00–17:30 CET (interpretation in English and Spanish)

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Online event - 22 September 2023
PLS Clinic - Post-Legislative Scrutiny with the Community of Practice

Post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) is the practice of monitoring the implementation and evaluating the impact of laws. The aim is to ensure that laws benefit citizens in the way originally intended by lawmakers.

For the first of our PLS Community of Practice events we want to set out what exactly a community of practice is and how you can be involved.

We will be discussing some common experiences in PLS, achievements in piloting and challenges and bottlenecks. We will be joined by representatives from, among others, the Parliaments of Wales and Scotland, who will be giving us the current PLS state of play in their parliaments.

It will be an opportunity to share and discuss.

Online event - 02 July 2023
2023 Advanced Course on Innovations in Post-Legislative Scrutiny

Registrations are now open for WFD and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies' 2023 Advanced Course on Innovations in Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS).

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19 July 2023
WFD at Women Deliver 2023: Embracing feminist political leadership in advancing democracy

To support women leaders to survive and thrive in their political lives, WFD is holding an event at the Women Deliver 2023 conference. This event is organised in partnership with the National Democratic Institute, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Centre and Open Society Foundations.