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Latest activity
Around the world, a deliberative wave has been growing as innovative ways of involving citizens in policy-making have gained traction with governments and citizens. And Africa is no exception: From deliberative participatory budgeting in Kenya, and addressing corruption in Malawi, to risk management in flood prone areas in Uganda, deliberative processes are certainly refreshing democracy in Africa.
25 August 2021
A group of people sitting on the ground deliberating
Ensuring that women and minority groups in Bangsamoro have political voice and meaningful representation is essential to enable the autonomous region to transition into a working democratic entity. In support of this vision, WFD recently held a Strategic Planning Workshop on Political Advocacy for members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Social Welfare Committee (SWC) in Bangsamoro. From 11th – 13th August 2021, 20 members of the SWC gathered for the event which took place in Isulan town, Sultan Kuarat.
20 August 2021
People sitting around a table
WFD and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) supported parliamentarians in five Sub-Saharan Africa countries prepare for COP26.
28 July 2021
Placard written one world with the map of the globe in between
Laid before Parliament on 21 July 2021
21 July 2021
Ahead of CO26, Members of Parliament from 5 countries – Canada, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Pakistan – have added their names to a statement that calls for public empowerment to be a top priority at the conference.
18 July 2021
Protestors holding up a sign that says there is no planet B
With WFD suport, a coalition of CSOs under the Digital Transformation Network is working with the Lebanese Parliament's ICT committee to improve transparency and accountability through e-governance.
16 July 2021
WFD, through the Commonwealth Equality Project (CEP), supported the Oyo State House of Assembly and the people of Oyo state to review and pass the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Bill into law.
11 June 2021
People in a hall meeting
Despite young people (0-34 years) comprising 75% of Kenya’s population, they represent just 6.5% of MPs in parliament. So, what is blocking their entry? The key hurdles include socioeconomic status, lack of support from political parties, and limited democratic culture during nominations.
25 May 2021
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Together with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), WFD is implementing a programme that is supporting Kenyan parliamentarians to prepare for the upcoming Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
17 May 2021
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WFD is supporting Western Balkans Parliaments on their post-legislative scrutiny journey.
13 April 2021
The ability to speak your mind in a public or social matter should not be a privilege. We like to think that getting involved in local or even national politics is an option for those willing to contribute and help improve life in their community. Until recently, however, this was not a possibility within reach for Ljubisha Saveski, a 40-year-old father and fashion designer from Tetovo, North Macedonia.  
29 March 2021
man looking at a woman speaking
The right to vote is unfortunately still not completely accessible to all citizens in North Macedonia. 76 percent of voting stations have stairs and half of them (49% percent) have no access ramps. One third of access ramps cannot be used, due to improper inclination and width. These are some of the findings of the monitoring of parliamentary elections 2020 in North Macedonia conducted by persons with disabilities.
18 March 2021
people at the presentation of the report of the monitoring mission of persons with disabilities on the parliamentary elections in North Macedonia.
Political parties have a key role to play in addressing some of the long-standing barriers facing PWDs. To support political parties to be more inclusive, WFD Kenya facilitated the review of 11 political parties’ documents – including policies and manifestos – to identify the areas where the documents promote or inhibit the inclusion of PWDs in their activities, practices, and processes.
11 March 2021
To support the Parliament of Sierra Leone in its commitment towards providing the best parliamentary services to its citizens, WFD partnered with the legislature of the West African state in developing and unveiling the institution’s service charter.
08 March 2021
A service charter board
In these worrying times, here are 4 things parliaments and their members can do to fight back against shrinking civic space
05 March 2021
closed seating during the pandemic