Latest activity

Latest activity
WFD is supporting the Parliament of Kenya to become a more open, efficient, and responsive democratic institution by implementing the Inclusive and Accountable Politics programme (IAP).
28 October 2020
The new European Commission Country Report on North Macedonia 2020 highlights two achievements which were supported by WFD, including the adoption of the Declaration for Active Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities.
15 October 2020
President of the Parliament of North Macedonia, Mr. Talat Xhaferi, meeting with WFD representatives and representatives from PWD organizations in the country at a ceremony to mark the occasion of the adoption of the first Declaration on Active Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities.
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many governments feeling torn between focusing on addressing the virus and ensuring a recovery on the one hand and addressing the climate emergency on the other. WFD believes that, if they are transparent and inclusive, democracies can do both.
15 October 2020
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Laid before Parliament on 10 September 2021
10 September 2020
WFD, through its inclusive and accountable politics programme, is working towards greater access and inclusion of women and marginalized groups in formal and informal political participation.
05 August 2020
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Three areas are important for the political process and public discourse around elections: election campaigns; electoral observation; and the information landscape.
14 July 2020
This new website provides a greater scope for two-way communications practices, as it offers several remote services such as requesting visits to the parliamentary building library, getting media accreditations, and submitting internship applications.
03 July 2020
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WFD joined a National Conference in Sierra Leone focused on discussing strategies that will urge all political parties and the government to tone down unhelpful rhetoric, utterances, and actions.
10 June 2020
WFD Uganda has been working with accountability champions in the Parliament of Uganda who can advance more meaningful participation of young people in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
08 June 2020
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WFD is carrying out its Inclusive and Accountable Programme (IAP) in partnership with Senate and National Assembly. The programme aims to improve the ability of the Parliament of Kenya to effectively address corruption and promote inclusion and accountability.
07 June 2020
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In 2019, John Kamiri, Secretary General of the Green Congress of Kenya, took part in the Green Talent Accelerator programme. John’s main goal in the programme was to further develop his leadership abilities in his role as a party official.
28 May 2020
Anika Jane Dorothy, the Executive Director of the Green Congress of Kenya, visited the UK as a participant in the Green Talent Accelerator. The visit was designed to support Anika in her leadership objectives.
28 May 2020
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In 2019, Alexis Mugisha, Commissioner General of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and Secretary General of the Eastern Africa Greens Federation (EAGF), participated in the Green Talent Accelerator programme. Alexis planned to stand as a candidate in the Rwandan Senate elections in September 2019, and his objectives in the programme mainly focused on his preparation for this.
28 May 2020
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On Friday 15th of May, WFD in partnership with the Nigerian Women Trust Fund (NWTF), convened a webinar to discuss strengthening of democracy in Nigeria, with a focus on accountability and transparency.
16 May 2020
Governments around the world have introduced emergency measures to fight the coronavirus, often alongside significant financial support packages designed to cushion the economic impacts of the virus and ensure livelihoods. At this time, accountability and citizens’ rights must not be suspended. Quite the opposite: checks on executives exercising extraordinary powers are increasingly critical. However, they are challenging in equal measure. 
14 May 2020
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