Latest activity

Latest activity
In April 2020, as Nepal’s parliament is awaiting to be convened for its Summer (budget) Session and the country entered its sixth week of lockdown, some parliamentary committees resumed their business.
13 May 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic is testing governance systems around the world. Where democratic systems were already straining under the pressure of post-financial crisis populism, this latest crisis is pushing political institutions and norms to breaking point. Emergency measures once thought unthinkable have been quickly designed and enforced, often with little to no public scrutiny or time restrictions. The variation in responses and results has again opened the debate as to the ability of democracies to deliver in moments of crisis.

Through all this, one factor seems to dictate the extent to which governments have been able to respond successfully to the pandemic: political trust.
04 May 2020
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Civil society organisations (CSOs) are a channel through which citizens can engage with the government constructively to make sure adequate services are provided, helping build more inclusive and accountable democracies. Their role is especially important during the pandemic, as civic freedoms are curtailed and the usual channels of engagement with the government are unavailable.
22 April 2020
Parliaments and parliamentarians can monitor and manage global state efforts through sharing lessons of effective national legislative action and support each other as they develop new working practices to support citizens.
17 April 2020
I live in Northern Ireland, a small, charming part of the world that has had some big, devastating problems.
01 April 2020
WFD’s youth training workshops are helping Lebanon’s democracy to be more able to ensure that the exploitation of its offshore gas fields benefits the whole of society.
07 March 2020
In January 2020, WFD worked with the University of Makeni in Sierra Leone to organise a panel discussion about citizen participation in enhancing inclusive and accountable politics.
03 February 2020
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What lies at the core of the parliamentary ‘dilemma’ on anti-corruption?
21 January 2020
With support from UK Aid through the Standing Together for Democracy Consortium, WFD and the Sierra Leone Union on Disability Issues (SLUDI) partnered up to reach the PWDs community across Sierra Leone.
06 January 2020
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WFD has continued to mobilise and train Corps members to reach out to youths, women and PWDs with voter education messages and support the participation of marginalised groups in the electoral process.
06 January 2020
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Alex Thier reflects on the importance of democratic governance for sustainable development following the High Level Political Forum in New York.
21 December 2019
People fill the streets in the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests 2019
On 14th November 2019, the young people of East Africa elected Ashura Michael, a deaf youth activist from Kenya, as one of four Speakers of their Youth Parliament.
03 December 2019
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WFD Nigeria, through its Inclusive and Accountable Politics (IAP) programme, is working to build the capabilities of young persons in politics.
02 December 2019
A group of people with some holding placards
WFD supported the 2019 YouLead summit – the largest youth leadership gathering in East Africa – which seeks to enable young people to be more meaningfully involved in the implementation and tracking of the region’s sustainable development goals.
25 November 2019
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WFD is an implementing partner in the EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions and Development (EU-JDID) programme. The programme supports Jordan with its political reform process, including the promotion of inclusive policy and decision-making processes.
12 November 2019
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