Botswana In 2017, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy launched a two-year programme to support research and information management in the Parliament of Botswana, while improving methods to engage citizens with the parliaments work. Working with parliamentary staff from the Research and Library, Hansard, Public Relations, ICT departments and who support Committees, the programme will lead to improved and informed policies; and increased citizen participation in legislation and policy-making. .

Parliaments are at their core information institutions. The technical capacity of parliamentary staff to support MPs in receiving clear, non-biased and accurate information is vital for MPs to provide effective review of government proposals. Access to relevant information helps parliaments to develop responsive evidence-based public policies. An increased awareness and understanding of the role of Parliament with citizens is critical to strengthening public participation in the legislative process. By strengthening the National Assembly of Botswana’s procedures for the production and dissemination of research and information management, and developing the Parliament’s strategy to deliver better and effective communications, the Parliament of Botswana will be better equipped to provide effective research support to Members and to provide tailored outreach, education and engagement to citizens and stakeholders.

Under the proposed Commonwealth project, WFD will work with the Parliament of Botswana and other regional countries, to address institutional barriers affecting the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups including young people, women and persons with disabilities.

  • Established: 1966
  • Number of Seats: 63 including 57 parliamentary constituencies; 4 specially elected MPs; and 2 ex officio members
  • Number of Chambers: 1 (unicameral)
  • President: Mokgweetsi Masisi
  • Party control: Botswana Democratic Party
  • Speaker: Hon. Glady Kokorwe
  • Clerk: Barbara N. Dithapo
  • Parliamentary elections: every 5 years
  • Electoral system: First-past-the-post and single member plurality
  • Maximum number of terms: 2
  • Website:
  • Address: P O Box 240, Gaborone, Botswana

Country data

Programme data

  • 2015: year of first WFD engagement

Results and Activities

  • Following a WFD-organised learning visit to the National Assembly for Wales in October 2016, the Head of Committees acknowledged the need for increased coordination and information sharing between committees.


Modernising the parliament’s research and communications capacity

Programme Underway

Planned end: March 2019

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Tobi Ayeni
Tobi AyeniProgramme Officer, Africa