Georgia WFD has been a key partner in the EU-funded Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia programme since 2014. Led by UNDP, the programme supports parliament with a range of its functions. WFD engages parliamentary stakeholders including MPs and staff, as well as civil society.

Since its independence in 1991, Georgia has been on a journey towards Euro-Atlantic integration. The country seeks membership of institutions such as NATO and the European Union. This process requires deep and wide ranging democratic reforms. As part of this, Georgia is moving towards parliamentary government. Amendments to the constitution, likely in 2017, will realise this. Building stronger relations with international community and external support is central to reforms.
WFD’s work has seen parliamentary committees’ increase their role in pre- and post-budget scrutiny. This ensures better monitoring of public finances and use of resources. We encourage stronger engagement with services such as the Parliamentary Budget Office and institutions like the State Audit Office. We have engaged civil society within the budget process, bringing this closer to citizens and providing an avenue for policy alignment with the public’s priorities.
For the first, a parliamentary staff-led induction scheme for newly elected parliamentarians has been implemented, with WFD support. This provides training and orientation for newly elected MPs, aiding them to understand and fulfil their duties. This allows new members to understand the institution, and to effectively represent citizens right from the start of the convocation.
WFD has advised in the reforming of the parliament’s International Relations Department (IRD). With our support, the IRD’s role has been expanded and clearly defined. To aid the unit meet its new responsibilities, WFD has supported staff training and learning. Through this process, the IRD will play a central role in supporting Georgia’s parliamentary diplomacy, international linkages and global exposure.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2009: Year of first WFD programme


  • Enhanced financial oversight capacities of parliamentary committees (MPs and staff)
  • 115 MPs and parliamentary staff have been trained
  • Established new practices for collaboration with CSOs and other state agencies
  • A reformed International Relations Department with new functions and capacities
  • The first induction programme led by parliamentary departments/staff for new MPs


Enhanced oversight function of the Environment Protection Committee

Programme Underway

Planned end: December 2018

Supporting financial oversight and international relations in Parliament of Georgia


Planned end: June 2018

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Boris Nadiradze
Boris NadiradzeCountry Representative