WFD is currently implementing the second phase of our integrated programme (2015-2021) in Ghana to improve the transparency and accountability in the Parliament of Ghana through improved access to research. Working with the parliament and Ghanaian political parties, the programme encourages better use of evidence to inform policy.

2011: year of first WFD programme
Strengthening Parliament

Parliament of Ghana’s capacity to review legislation during debates and in the review stage is limited by a lack of coordinated information.

WFD’s programme supports coordination between six parliamentary departments through training of parliamentary staff and review of existing systems.

Supporting political parties

Political parties can improve the way they conduct policy analysis and increase engagement with citizens to improve the representation of their interests in the Parliament of Ghana. The programme uses the existing good relations between UK and Ghanaian political parties.  to implement activities including policy and strategy development support, roundtable meetings, research studies, training of trainers’ sessions, capacity building, field monitoring, study visits, knowledge fairs and research products development.

Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy

Strengthening Capacity of Young Parliamentarians as Catalysts of Youth Political Empowerment

The project brings in an added value of promoting the direct engagement of young parliamentarians with young people aspiring to enter politics. This will be the first time that such a platform has been created in Ghana and will serve as a trailblazer to subsequent projects. Additionally, the documents to be produced as outputs of the project will provide significant repository of information to aspiring young politicians and consequently promote an enabling environment for such political actors to thrive and succeed.

This work is funded under WFD’s global Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy (CP4D) programme to support parliaments in 18 Commonwealth Member States over 2018-2020.

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Professional relationship established among Research and Information Departments of the Parliament of Ghana through the formation of the Inter-Departmental Research and Information Group (IDRIG).


Improving the research and policy analysis MPs receive from parliamentary staff
Planned end: March 2021


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