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Working at the national level with legislators, parliamentary officials, independent commissions and civil society organisations in Sri Lanka, WFD is helping to create accountable and inclusive policies and laws that benefit all Sri Lankans. WFD supports parliament to scrutinise government activity, especially through its new oversight committee system, and put into practice new rules and processes such as the 2018 Standing Orders.  Gender responsive and inclusive approaches and public engagement are integral to WFD support.  Additionally, WFD is exploring the role and responsibilities of parliament in fostering racial and religious harmony and reconciliation as well as providing technical assistance to the National Audit Office of Sri Lanka to support anti-corruption initiatives. 

Since the end of the civil war, Sri Lanka has adopted constitutional reforms and developed practices which aim to diffuse power and safeguard the independence of commissions. Parliament has a key role to play to secure these ambitions. Through our programmes, WFD has engaged with key parliamentary stakeholders as they seek to develop and embed parliamentary practices that will contribute to strengthened oversight and scrutiny of the executive and provide more avenues for inclusive political participation.

WFD supports the process of constitutional reform in the Parliament of Sri Lanka by working with sectoral oversight committees, introduced in 2015, to review laws relating to specific subject areas. WFD also supports committees with monitoring the budget and financial commitments related to legislation.
Using existing sister-party relationships between Sri Lankan political parties and their UK counterparts, WFD is contributing to increased participation of women in politics. The programme also engages the Speaker of Parliament on reconciliation and constitutional reform initiatives connected to the end of the civil war. Raising awareness about the Speakers role in parliament forms a central part of the programme.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2015: year of first WFD programme
  • From 2016-2019, Chairs of all 16 Sectoral Oversight Committees, COPA and COPE – members of parliament from key parties and factions in government and opposition – participated in 3 day workshops at the House of Commons on committee operations, public engagement and media access.

Results and Activities

  • Oversight Committees provide stronger oversigh of the executive and operations

  • Parliament has strengthened the role of the presiding officers

  • The Parliament has strengthened accountabe and inclusive practices, procedures and rules

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Priyanga Hettiarachi
Priyanga HettiarachiCountry Representative, Sri Lanka