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WFD support in Sri Lanka focuses on parliaments ability to monitor Government activity and political parties’ role in encouraging inclusion of women and vulnerable ethnic groups in the political system. Working at the national level with legislators, parliamentary officials and civil society organisations, and at the regional level with political parties, the three-year programme (2015-2018) is helping to create fair policies and laws that benefit all Sri Lankan citizens.

WFD supports the process of constitutional reform in the Parliament of Sri Lanka by working with sectoral oversight committees, introduced in 2015, to review laws relating to specific subject areas. WFD also supports committees with monitoring the budget and financial commitments related to legislation.
Using existing sister-party relationships between Sri Lankan political parties and their UK counterparts, WFD is contributing to increased participation of women in politics. The programme also engages the Speaker of Parliament on reconciliation and constitutional reform initiatives connected to the end of the civil war. Raising awareness about the Speakers role in parliament forms a central part of the programme.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2015: year of first WFD programme

Results and Activities

  • Enhanced accountability and inclusiveness in parliamentary processes and functions.
  • Improved policy and representation in policy and law making by political parties.
  • In 2016-17, WFD trained all Chairs or nominees of the newly established 16 Sectoral Oversight Committees of Parliament and key parliamentary officials on a range of aspects relevant to committee operations


Supporting parties’ work in parliament following the 2015 constitutional changes


Planned end: March 2018

Developing scrutiny and oversight functions of new sectoral committees


Planned end: March 2018

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Priyanga Hettiarachi
Priyanga HettiarachiCountry Representative, Sri Lanka