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WFD is supporting the reform processes in Uzbekistan through strengthening the capacity of the Oliy Majlis (parliament). The project seeks to compliment the parliament’s existing reform efforts and builds on recommendations from WFD’s assessment of current parliamentary practice in Uzbekistan, which was finalised in March 2019.

2018: year of first WFD programme in the country

Since Uzbekistan’s presidential transition in 2016, wide-ranging and rapid governance reforms are steadily being realised. The foundations for these were established in Uzbekistan’s National Development Strategy 2017-21. With these developments, an opportunity for Parliament to be more effective has emerged. Speaking in December 2018, President Mirziyoyev called on the institution to become more effective and to “step-up the activities of the parliament in making important decisions and monitoring the implementation of laws.”

Supporting parliamentary reform

The first phase of WFD’s programme was implemented between August 2018 and March 2019. It shared with MPs, senators, parliamentary staff, and the Legislative and Research Institute international good practice in developing quality legislation, monitoring the work of government, the role of parliamentary committees and research services. The current three year phase of the project is seeking to support the parliament in adopting such practices.

WFD is currently supporting the parliament to:

  • strengthen its capacity to hold the government to account on the implementation of reforms in Uzbekistan by enhancing the parliament’s ability to assess the impact of the legislation and conduct financial oversight;
  • enhance its institutional processes.

In the 2019-2020 financial year, WFD is:

  • supporting the parliament in planning and designing induction processes for the MPs and Senators who will be elected in December 2019;
  • assessing ways of introducing e-parliament;
  • working with the Legislative and Research Institute (LPRI) to enhance their Human Resource processes and design a code of conduct;
  • working with the recently established Office on State Budget, a parliamentary budget office (PBO) within the Oliy Majlis. OSB will provide independent, objective and professional advice and analysis to parliamentarians on matters related to budget scrutiny, public finances and the economy. WFD will provide continuous support to OSB in improving transparency around fiscal and budget policy as well as help parliamentarians to better understand the parameters of the state budget and oversee its execution.

Through increasing capacity of the parliament, Uzbekistan’s governance reform process will be enhanced, bringing it closer to citizens and reflecting society’s needs.

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Comprehensive assessment on current parliamentary practice in Uzbekistan available in three languages – Uzbek, Russian and English.
The Legislative and Parliamentary Research Institute (LPRI) adopted its first five-year strategic plan.


Promoting Transparency and Strengthening Parliamentary Effectiveness in Uzbekistan
Planned end: March 2022
Assessing parliamentary practice in Uzbekistan


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