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Between August 2018 and March 2019, WFD implemented its first parliamentary programme in Uzbekistan, funded by the UK government. Through a series of practical workshops, WFD shared with MPs, Senators and the Legislative and Parliamentary Research Institute (LPRI) good practice in developing quality legislation, monitoring the work of government, the role of parliamentary committees and research services.


The reform efforts initiated following the death of the president Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan opened a role for parliament to be an effective public body. Outlined in Uzbekistan’s National Development Strategy 2017-21, the reforms focus on: state and social construction; strengthening the rule of law and the judicial system; the economy; developing the social sphere; improving security and implementing a balanced foreign policy. WFD works directly to support the second pillar of the strategy.

The Legislative and Parliamentary Research Institute (LPRI) adopted its first three-year strategic plan which incorporates some learning from WFD workshops. The parliament also made a number of concrete commitments to strengthen its effectiveness, including a decision to establish an office on the state budget and strengthen the role of committees.

WFD conducted an extensive assessment and produced a comprehensive report on current parliamentary practice in Uzbekistan available in three languages – Uzbek, Russian and English. It is the most up-to-date assessment of parliamentary practice in Uzbekistan that can also serve as a benchmark for tracking the increase in parliamentary effectiveness. 

WFD will continue its cooperation with the Parliament and how it can hold the government to account on the implementation of reforms in Uzbekistan and become a more effective institution. 

Country data

Programme data

  • 2018: year of first WFD programme in the country


  • Assessment of current parliamentary practice developed to track implementation of reforms 


Promoting Transparency and Strengthening Parliamentary Effectiveness in Uzbekistan


Planned end: March 2019

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