Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

WFD's code of conduct

All staff, partners, and participants in WFD activities are expected to:

  1. Uphold the integrity and reputation of WFD by ensuring that their professional and personal conduct is consistent with WFD’s values and standards
  2. Not engage in abusive or exploitative conduct
  3. Contribute to a positive environment built on mutual respect
  4. Ensure the safety, health and welfare of all activity participants, WFD staff members, and associated personnel
  5. Be responsible for the use of any information, assets and resources to which they have access by reason of their participation in the WFD activity
  6. Uphold confidentiality as appropriate

WFD has detailed codes of conduct for staff, volunteers, grantees, participants and consultant experts. For more information, email

How to report an incident or concern

Anyone can report an actual or potential incident, abuse, or concern that they witness, are made aware of, or suspect which appears to breach this Code of Conduct to any WFD representative in the following ways:

Contacting the WFD London office by email at or by telephone on +44 7920 524264

Contacting the WFD Safeguarding Officers by email at or the WFD Fraud/Corruption/Data Protection/Counter-Terrorism Officer by email

Contacting the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office if they feel that they cannot raise the concern with WFD directly, by emailing: (for fraud, terrorism, and financial matters).