IATI policy


IATI policy

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) policy

Policy Statement

Westminster Foundation for Democracy is committed to sharing its programme data in an open and transparent way. WFD will aim to publish each programme’s name, objectives, start date, end date, strategic outcomes and total budget; however, there are instances when data will be excluded. WFD understands that staff and partners work on programmes with sensitive themes and, therefore, may have to exclude all or some details of a programme to ensure safety.

Each programme is judged on a case by case basis when deciding whether it should be published to IATI.

A programme will be omitted if any of these statements can be applied: 

  • Publishing the data would put the security and safety of staff, volunteers, partner organisations or beneficiaries at risk
  • Publishing the data would negatively impact on programme delivery and/or achievement of programme objectives
  • Publishing the data would violate any data privacy regulations such as GDPR

Publishing would be in contravention of the required exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The following may also be considered as grounds for exclusion:

  • There are issues around data ownership (e.g. partners data);
  • There are issues around WFD’s intellectual property;
  • The data is commercially sensitive.


IATI – the International Aid Transparency Initiative – brings together governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society organisations and others to increase the transparency and openness of resources flowing into developing countries.


SharePoint has a section where programme information can be captured and this aligns with what is required for IATI.

  • Programme Name (All programmes should include the country or region, a short factual name and an acronym if necessary. The title should also accurately reflect the content of programme.)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Themes
  • Stage of Programme
  • Programme Description
  • Budget

For best practice, any change to the above fields should be changed on SharePoint immediately.  Data for upload to IATI will be extracted from SharePoint on a quarterly basis, therefore the data must be kept up to date by the SRO of each programme.

Once extracted, the full dataset will be shared with each Regional Director to sign off.  The Regional Director is responsible for identifying any programmes that should be excluded and the applicable criteria statement.  The IT Systems and Facilities Officer will retain this data in order to enable WFD to respond to any external requests for information.

Feedback Procedure

If there are any mistakes, errors, or points for clarification, please provide feedback via iati@wfd.org