WFD’s unique mix of parliamentary and political party access enables us to look at parliaments from both an external and internal perspective. Our research portfolio has a broad remit to explore both how parliaments are shaping the broader democratic landscapes in their countries and how other democratic institutions and processes are shaping the ways parliament itself functions. WFD’s research in this area works to inform and test our programme activities – improving WFD’s performance while sharing lessons and good practice with colleagues in the donor and democracy assistance community.

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Reporting on Democracy Support: Stories vs. Graphs

November 7th, 2019|Comments Off on Reporting on Democracy Support: Stories vs. Graphs

Governance and oversight of the democracy- and governance-support sector  relies heavily  on reporting, specifically reporting in a narrative format. However, that type of reporting, which for some parts of the sector have come to be largely synonymous with “monitoring”, is only useful for certain purposes and is limiting for a variety of reasons. How is WFD tackling the challenge?

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