Addressing international actors’ capabilities to Think and Work Politically (TWP) constitutes the new frontier for democracy strengthening, and development more broadly. TWP highlights the importance of external assistance being locally-led and demand driven, through strong understanding of the local political context. WFD, through its leadership of the Deepening Democracy working group of the Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice, is at the forefront of testing new methods and approaches to improve the results of its programmes in a variety of contexts.

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The Thinking and Working Politically working group on democracy assistance offers:

  • A peer network of experts and actors.

We bring together policy-makers, practitioners, and academics, encouraging diverse viewpoints and expertise

  • A learning platform.

Learning is a critical part of improving performance. Our platform will allow peers to exchange lessons on what is working and what is not in Democracy Assistance and in applying TWP within a ‘safe space’, in turn supporting their own work.

  • An evidence and communication hub. 

Demonstrating successes and communicating those will be an important tool for outreach and policy influence. We can be this hub – by collectively creating a vision for deepening democracy and its impact, generating evidence on what works and what does not, and capturing and communicating results.

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