The Conservative WFD Programme in the Caribbean

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02 September 2022

The Conservative WFD Programme in the Caribbean

The Conservative WFD Programme continued to strengthen democratic governance in Africa and the Caribbean by providing a platform for like-minded parties to share information, experience, skills, and ideas, and to upskill parties with the skills they need to be a strong opposition or to govern.

In 2021-22, the Conservative WFD Programme continued to build upon its legacy of increasing women’s political leadership: in the Caribbean, the 2020 election saw the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) field its highest number of women candidates in a general election, following party-to-party best practice exchanges between the Conservatives and JLP.

It was wonderful to see a record-breaking number of women elected. Following this success, throughout 2021-22 the Conservatives’ party-to-party programme facilitated training to upskill newly elected MPs, ensuring they are equipped to function as legislators and have the tools to provide a high standard of representation to their constituents.

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness – Jamaican Prime Minister – spoke about the benefits of the training in the Parliament of Jamaica and credited the party-to-party relationship and Conservative programming as fundamental to upskilling newly elected women MPs.

“As a result [of the training] you will see a lifting of the tide of Governance in the Caribbean. You will see stronger political parties, better representation, better governance because of the effort of all who participated."