WFD’s Climate Christmas wishes ahead of COP26

12 December 2020
WFD’s Climate Christmas wishes ahead of COP26
Today, the UK hosts the Climate Ambition Summit, which marks one year to go until the COP26 Climate Change Summit. At COP26, major decisions will be taken which will have a fundamental impact on our world.

Our planet still needs help and currently, the help we are providing is not joined up. Democracy, the environment, and human rights are viewed by the development community as separate issues with separate pots of funding. 

There is more we can do. 

COP26 provides an opportunity to raise the ambition on international targets, such as the Doha Work Programme on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) and the Paris Agreement. 

With the right planning, the UK can become a world leader on climate action.

But to truly tackle climate change effectively, every country needs to instigate change across all levels of society. 

Over the past 12 days, we have been sharing the ways in which environmental democracy can help tackle the climate crisis across our social media.

Engaging with parliaments and political parties on climate change is critical if countries around the world are to reach their Climate Action targets.

This should be at the heart of the UK’s approach to environmental democracy.

Next Christmas, the UK can make history at COP26 by permanently turning the tide on global warming, protecting our planet for all future generations.

Our planet needs democracy. Our planet needs our parliaments.