Youth analysis indicates the need for Political Education

Youth analysis indicates the need for Political Education

On the 21 of June, 2023, WFD North Macedonia, in cooperation with the Presidential Center for Political Education (PCPO), organized an expert debate to promote the findings of the Analysis of Political Education in North Macedonia. The analysis shows that in the educational programs for primary and secondary education in the educational system, topics from the field of political education are dispersed in several subjects such as: civic education, sociology and introduction to law. At the same time, there is a serious authoritarian charge among young people in North Macedonia, especially when it comes to values related to ethnic/national themes or democratic state management. An additional sign for the need for political education are the findings of the Westminster research, according to which even 57% of young people are not at all interested and do not follow political events.
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The Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri shared: "We agree with the Bureau for development of education that it is necessary to promote political education and introduce it in upper grades and high schools, which we expect to happen in the academic 2024/2025,".

According to Mr. Zekiria Hasipi, director of the Bureau for development of education - "The initiated reforms in education will not be complete without political education. The Bureau actively advocates for the introduction of political education in the educational system. Political education is important for several reasons: it develops civic awareness and encourages young people to be active citizens, form political opinions, analyze political ideas and ideologies, participate in public life, analyze political processes and decisions, and form personal attitudes".

"The lack of adequate political socialization among the youth, as well as the general lack of democratic capacity in the Macedonian society negatively affect the attitudes and values of all age groups, including the youth.” Pointed out prof. Nenad Marković.

"The introduction of the Political Education subject in all high schools, as well as investment in qualified teaching staff, are the most important factors that increase the effectiveness of the education on political culture, democratic awareness and political participation among young people," according to prof. Ivan Damjanovski.

The country director of the WFD in North Macedonia, Dona Kosturanova, concluded "Investing in the political education of the young generations is necessary to ensure conditions for democratic development, civil participation, care for political and civil freedoms and rights today and in the future. It is necessary to introduce content from the field of political education in high schools, so that the high school students can become informed and engaged citizens."

The recommendations in the analysis are focused on monitoring the educational states and the development of students' skills in order to upgrade the educational content and support different approaches that directly affect political literacy, such as student and youth organization and media literacy.

The analysis was produced at the beginning of 2023, as an activity of WFD and the Presidential Center for Political Education, within the project "Democracy Works" funded by the British Embassy in North Macedonia. The authors of the analysis are prof. Ivan Damjanovski, prof. Nenad Marković and Prof. Aleksandar Spasov.