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In June 2021, WFD signed a fifth Memorandum of Understanding with the House of Representatives, which provides the framework for continuing the collaboration between the two institutions, building on accomplishments from previous programmes. In December 2021, WFD held a hybrid meeting with the new speaker of the Upper House. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the key achievements between the two institutions and next steps with new areas of work.

General elections (local, regional, and legislative elections) were held in Morocco on 8 September 2021. The 2021 Moroccan Chamber of Councillors elections took place on 5 October 2021. Both chambers’ elections were marked by the defeat of the Justice and Development Party (PDJ) in favour of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) ) and the Istiqlal Party (PI). The three parties won an absolute majority of seats, ensuring the coalition government a majority in both chambers of the parliament of Morocco.

WFD Morocco is currently delivering three programmes, two focused on supporting civil society organisations to improve and strengthen their engagement with the parliament and one focused on building the role and profile of women MPs and supporting the Equity and Parity Committee.

In response to the protests of the Arab Spring, the King of Morocco introduced a new constitution in 2011. The new constitution strengthens the Parliament’s legislative role, and establishes the principle of gender equality. Both Houses of Parliament have developed Strategic Plans, setting out a roadmap to enact their new powers as set out in the constitution. Since 2011, WFD has been working with the Parliament to deliver on these commitments.

Strengthening Parliament

WFD is training MPs and parliamentary staff, to improve the effectiveness of committees and the quality of the laws they produce. In the long term, this programme sets out to make the Moroccan Parliament more representative, and more effective in holding the Government to account.

Committed to constitutional reform

Since March 2016, WFD has also been involved in a European Union Twinning programme to support the Moroccan House of Representatives meet the commitments in the 2011 constitution. The programme brings together expertise from the French National Assembly and the House of Commons coordinated by WFD. To date, the programme has contributed to the adoption of a new law to introduce public petitions, and the development of research and library management procedures.

Current programmes

Strengthening the role of civil society in the promotion of transparency

Consortium partners: European Partnership for Democracy (EFP, lead); Impact for Development (IFD).  

To empower CSOs for advocacy, monitoring and evaluation of transparency and governance in the framework of public policies that are designed for this purpose and promote the efforts of the House in this area. 

Planned end date
Increasing engagement between the Moroccan Parliament and CSOs

Increase inclusion and public participation in policy-making process in Morocco through enhanced CSOs and Parliament’s links and increased capabilities to work together on advancing key policy issues 

Planned end date

Completed programmes

CSSF Morocco

WFD trained MPs and parliamentary staff to strengthen the effectiveness of committees and the quality of the laws they produce. This programme set out to make the Moroccan parliament more representative and more effective in holding the Government to account. 


Key Results

scales of justice

Established the Public Accounts Committee in 2015, based on learning from the Westminster model. The first report of the PAC into fuel subsidies resulted in a successful policy change

scales of justice

First Public Policy Evaluation (PPE) guide in the Arab region adopted by the Moroccan House of Representatives and presented to all 395 MPs at a plenary session in August 2016.

Adopted a code of conduct to set standards of behaviour for MPs.

Introduced the first women MPs’ working group for reform.

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