While women make up around 15% of people in Thailand's parliament, the challenges faced by women participating in political life have remained in the country, with women still facing many barriers which limit their capacity to progress in political life, especially at the policy making level.  

WFD is working to pursue equality in the political environment of Thailand by cultivating political inclusion and equality through multi-stakeholder partnerships.

In 2019, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) partnered with the Gender Development and Research Institution (GDRI) to provide technical expertise to help build capacity through multi-stakeholder policy making and a working group on inclusive and gender-responsive policy making and budgeting in Thailand. The working group was made up of politicians, academics specialising in gender issues, and civil society organisations, and served as a platform to strengthen the skills and the position of newly elected women parliamentarians and strengthen inclusive policymaking.

Current programmes

Addressing barriers to women's political participation in the ASEAN region

The objective of our programme advancing women's equality in ASEAN countries is to advance equality in politics and wider society in the region. We are doing this by helping to create a more enabling environment for politically active women to participate and exercise leadership in national, local and regional politics. 

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