UK – Solomon Islands Parliamentary Partnership

UK – Solomon Islands Parliamentary Partnership

WFD is implementing a programme to support and enhance accountable democratic governance in Solomon Islands.
The exterior of the national parliament of the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a micro-island nation with a population of around 700,000 spread over 6 main islands and more than 900 smaller ones. The island has self-governed since 1976 and has a Westminster style political system. One key feature of this system is that members of parliament of all parties form committees, which scrutinise government action – from new laws to its public debt management. This is one of the ways in which accountability and transparency can be upheld in a democracy.

When it comes to accountability and transparency, Solomon Islands faces challenges. With a small number of MPs, it is difficult for an active committee system which checks the work of the government to function. Ministers, instead of backbench MPs, are sometimes appointed to committees. And, the committees often do not have enough staff members to run them.

With UK Government funding, WFD is supporting Solomon Islands as it works to make reforms to improve public financial accountability.

Starting in November 2022, the first stage of our support is to research and identify priorities for the programme, deepening understanding of the challenges around accountable governance. We will also deliver pilot technical assistance linked to the Corporate Business Plan for the Office of the Auditor General and needs of the Public Accounts Committee.