WFD’s politically-neutral programme in Venezuela works on a cross-party basis and has recently worked with civil society organisations by improving their capacity to conduct statistical research on issues important to Venezuelan citizens.

In the past, WFD Venezuela has supported the National Assembly of Venezuela in becoming a more responsive institution that can effectively represent citizens, develop quality legislation and provide oversight of government. We have previously worked with the National Assembly’s Modernisation Committee, as well as with different party groups, to implement a modernisation strategy, designed by the Assembly with WFD support.

Following the 2015 Parliamentary elections in Venezuela, political polarisation increased and led to a deadlock that has eroded the public’s trust in politics during a time of deep economic crisis, hyperinflation and episodes of violence against the civil population. WFD works on a cross-party basis, seeking to engage all sides of the political divide while supporting democratic institutions in the country. 

Modernisation of the National Assembly

The National Assembly has developed, with WFD support, a modernisation strategy with six strategic areas: legislation, inclusion, representation, public budget, oversight and parliamentary administration. Implementation of recommendations for each area is currently underway. 

Assessing legislative impact

WFD is introducing the National Assembly to Post-Legislative Scrutiny, a form of oversight that has proven to be of good use in many parliaments around the world when it comes to assessing the implementation of legislation and the impact of policy. Our support includes sharing relevant approaches and skills to conduct PLS with the parliament and local organisations. A manual on conducting Post-Legislative Scrutiny in the Venezuelan context is being developed.

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