Devin O'Shaughnessy


Devin O'Shaughnessy

Currently on secondment to FCDO

Devin is WFD's Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Technical Leadership. He is responsible for advancing WFD’s strategic direction, developing partnerships with other international organisations and donors, and providing technical leadership to WFD’s programmes.

In addition to managing WFD’s Technical Advisory Unit (TAU) – WFD’s in-house team of democratic governance experts – Devin leads on WFD’s thematic work around decentralisation and work in fragile and conflict affected situations (FCAS). Through his partnerships role, Devin plays a leading role in WFD’s Business Development (BD), including seeking funding opportunities for new programmes, preparation of external bids and identifying opportunities to collaborate with other implementing organisations. His principal field of expertise is in democracy and governance including: supporting representative, executive, and political institutions; civil society strengthening; electoral processes and observation; citizen participation; state building in fragile contexts; inclusive politics and qualitative research.

Devin has nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of international development, with a specific focus on democracy assistance. Before joining WFD, Devin worked for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for nearly six years, both abroad and in their headquarters. His last position with NDI was as Country Director in Indonesia, and previously acted as their Deputy Country Director for Afghanistan and Senior Programme Manager for the Horn of Africa. In addition to NDI and WFD, Devin has worked for a number of leading development organisations, including Action on Armed Violence, Global Communities, and the US Peace Corps, among others. He has also worked in US politics, serving as a Co-Campaign Manager and Constituent Advocate for US Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).