Maria Mousmouti

Maria Mousmouti
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Maria Mousmouti specialises in law-making, legislative quality and effectiveness, legislative design and drafting and equality and fundamental rights. Her expertise covers law-making, legislative drafting, ex-ante and ex-post legislative scrutiny and gender-sensitive scrutiny of legislation.

She lectures at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of the University of London and is the Executive Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law, a research center based in Athens, Greece. She has worked in more than 25 countries in the EU, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia to support legislative reform initiatives through evidence-based advice and capacity-building.

Recent publications include her monograph ‘Designing Effective Legislation’ (2019) and four papers on gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny (Gender – sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny; Case study 1: Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny of general legislation; Case study 2: Post-legislative scrutiny of gender-specific legislation; Case study 3: Data and gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny, 2020).

This manual provides practical guidance preparing, organising and following up on post-legislative scrutiny activities. The manual proposes new or additional parliamentary practices to improve the efficiency of PLS and/or its outreach to the public. This document is a revised and updated version of WFD’s PLS manual from 2017.
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