Latest activity

Latest activity
Dr Inaya Ezzeddine, a Lebanese MP from the Tyre province in the south, has amassed an impressive record in parliamentary work over the last four years, which has contributed to the country’s resilience and stability. WFD supported MP Ezzeddine to help respond to the Lebanon multi-crisis, in which taxpayers have been hard-pressed to meet basic needs.
27 June 2022
 A woman standing talking to another in a car
In Lebanon, Law number 81/2018 on E-Transactions and Data Protection has been passed for years, but legal and institutional factors have played a significant role in blocking its implementation. A WFD affiliated network, the Digital Transformation and Governance Network (DTGN), stepped in to identify these blockages, and to carry out the advocacy work needed to overcome them.
27 June 2022
On June 8 1982, US President Ronald Reagan addressed UK MPs in the Palace of Westminster, proposing the creation of democracy assistance organisations. On the 40th anniversary of that speech, our Chair Richard Graham MP reflects on what "today's equivalent of Reagan's call to democratic arms" should look like and argues for a "renewed call to action to support democracy."
08 June 2022
With WFD’s assistance, a group of civil society organisations in Bangsamoro have formed a technical working group (TWG) with increasing membership and produced a guide to engaging parliament.
08 June 2022
A group of CSO representatives gathered around a table at a training workshop
To be able to design better strategies on democracy, we must apply the most up to date analytical tools to reveal and understand the discourses, practices, and actors that impact popular understandings of democracy today.
01 June 2022
In Sierra Leone, we have helped make sure citizens can access parliament and understand its work, through initiatives from open days to apps. During the Parliament’s recent Open Day, WFD gave access to several people to learn about the work of WFD and Parliament. It was a chance for advocates to meet the Speaker
01 June 2022
Three women holding up a sign that says I am committed to promoting inclusive and accountable politics in Sierra Leone
The solution to realize the achievement of PWDs rights is through political representation. WFD in partnership with Demo Finland partners with 13 political parties, 21 Disabled Persons Organizations and Civil Society organizations to strengthen inclusive multiparty democracy in Kenya.
30 May 2022
Miminum standards report to ORPP
WFD in Kenya is helping strengthen parliament’s role in holding the executive accountable. This is by providing technical support to Senate to respond to opportunities for improving democratic processes and practices.
30 May 2022
Parliament of Kenya building
In partnership with the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS), WFD conducted three series of Policy Dialogues on topical concerns that were of interests to the diverse population of Nigeria. The dialogues brought together a broad range of participants to reflect on the concerns, and to offer doable solutions.
25 May 2022
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WFD in Kenya is currently offering direct technical support to 7 county assemblies through the Kenya Devolution Programme (KDP). WFD supports them in strengthening their financial and audit or public expenditure management (PEM) related committees to carry out their functions in a more effective manner.
13 May 2022
As part of the Media Dialogue programme, funded by the EU, WFD supported local and international experts to assess the current legislation around access to information in Kyrgyzstan, and support development of a new, single draft law in line with international standards.
09 May 2022
Political voices and coalitions can help address environmental problems by raising citizens’ concerns and holding governments accountable. To do so, political voices need to be more inclusive and aware on climate change. Development cooperation can help by enhancing public awareness, enabling capacity of the media and civil society to cover climate change, and building multi-stakeholder coalitions to support policy development and implementation.
03 May 2022
CED banner
Unsustainable and opaque debt is a democratic deficit. New briefs by the National Democratic Institute and WFD explain how parliaments can ensure governments take on debt responsibly and in ways that benefit citizens.
21 April 2022
A group of community leaders from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland with WFD to learn how citizens and local government worked together to solve problems and improve their city.
12 April 2022
The Old Bridge spanning the Neretva River in Mostar
To help build awareness of the realities of LGBT+ peoples’ lives in Sri Lanka, WFD provided funding for a series of fictional short films, which premiered in the country in late 2021 and will go on tour around the country in 2022.
04 April 2022
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