Latest activity

Latest activity
Youth leaders' training programme works to help save forest under threat.
20 April 2016
Devolution and democratisation often go hand-in-hand. In practice, though, the process of transferring power away from central government often produces disappointing results and is always a complex business. These difficulties make it all the more important that organisations like Westminster Foundation for Democracy offer their assistance, writes David Thirlby, Senior Programme Manager for Asia.
15 April 2016
WFD is launching a new partnership in Macedonia - connecting civil society with parliament to improve human rights in the country.
22 December 2015
Georgian civil society organisations (CSOs) shared with the Parliament’s Human Rights Committee the harrowing stories they’ve encountered through their work.
10 December 2015
civil society organisations meeting with MPs
Representatives from the UK parliamentary practitioner community met to consider the effectiveness of formally structured groups in parliaments and how they can achieve gender sensitive policy and legislation.
03 December 2015
Ending all forms of gender inequality in Uganda is not easy. By helping local leaders and civil society organisations bring women together through the country’s first ever Women’s Parliament, Westminster Foundation for Democracy is helping gather momentum behind the campaign for real change.
08 September 2015
A group of women standing