Engaging women, young people and persons with disabilities in Ugandan politics is the focus of WFD’s current three-year programme (2016-2019). Improving policy formulation to reflect the needs of these groups in parliament, political parties and local councils can improve representation in Uganda.

Following independence in 1962, governance in Uganda was dominated by a protracted violent conflict and accompanying economic decline which led to stagnating economic growth, high levels of youth unemployment (78%) and imbalanced representation in parliament. Although the new constitution in 1995 brought a new era of democratisation challenges to governance remain. With over three-quarters of the population under 35 years old (83%) and more than half of the same population (51%) comprised of women, it is important that policy development focuses on their advancement which will ultimately lead to development of Uganda.

In spite 71% of Uganda’s population comprising of youth under the age of 35, young people are still often excluded from governance and decision-making spaces.  To address this, WFD is working with the Parliament of Uganda and other youth focused groups to support their representation and inclusion in governance and decision-making processes.  WFD supports youth representatives and other young MPs in Parliament under the age of 35 (these comprise of 35% of the 10th Parliament to improve their policy and legislative capacity through training and mentorship sessions. Working with Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs (UPFYA), WFD has created platforms for young parliamentarians to engage and advance pro – youth policies, bills and motions on employment and youth inclusion in governance.

With more than half of Uganda’s population comprised of women (51% of the total population), the passing of effective pro gender policies has not been fully achieved. WFD is working with the Parliament of Uganda, and other women focused groups to advocate for quality women representation in Uganda to ensure that the gender issues in the country are addressed. Through UWOPA, WFD supports women MPs who form 35% of the 10% parliament to improve their policy and legislative capacity in Parliament by creating platforms to support and advance pro – women policies, bills and motions

Country data

Programme data

  • 2007: year of first WFD programme


  • Convened the first youth moot parliament session in Uganda which resulted in fast tracking of bill that address youth issues in parliament. 

  • Supported the first East African Youth parliament on the ratification and domestication of African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

  • 4,000 jobs saved in Uganda sugar industry following intervention by young MPs working with WFD
  • Supported the first ever women’s parliament to take place in Uganda in 2015.


Strengthening women and youth participation and representation in Uganda

Programme underway

Planned end: October 2019

Strengthening national youth participation and representation in Parliament of Uganda

Programme Underway

Planned end: March 2020

Uganda inclusive and accountable politics

Programme underway

Planned end: March 2020

East African commonwealth youth leaders programme

Programme underway

Planned end: March 2020

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Joseph Munyangabo
Joseph MunyangaboCountry Representative