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Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy #CP4D

Advancing inclusive and accountable democracies in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy (CP4D) works with parliaments in 18 Commonwealth Member States across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to improve representation of women, young people, people with disabilities and the LGBT+ community in the democratic process. CP4D supports parliament and local government to monitor the actions of the executive.

CP4D activities are implemented at the regional level and with all Commonwealth members to help raise standards and build political commitment to democratic values. The 2012 Commonwealth Charter commits governments, political parties and civil society organisations in member states to uphold and promote democratic culture and practices that are accountable to the public. Parliaments and local governments are essential for effective, inclusive democratic governance and CP4D will contribute to making this a reality by: 

  • Improving inclusion by engaging more women, young people, persons living with disabilities, religious minorities and the LGBT+ community in the democratic process 
  • Increasing accountability through more effective and transparent parliamentary practices 
Building inclusive democracies

CP4D will implement a series of regional workshops and activities to increase women’s political participation and promote the political rights of minority groups and young people. By engaging parliamentary actors and civil society organisations, activities will improve advocacy of political rights for marginalised communities

Building accountable democracies

As part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda, CP4D will help parliaments adopt and implement updated Commonwealth Benchmarks for democratic legislatures in line with Goal 16 of the sustainable development goals that calls for inclusive and accountable governance. The benchmarks provide minimum standards for all Commonwealth Parliaments and support for parliaments who wish to assess their own parliamentary culture, development and functioning will be provided. By focusing on work through the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC), this strand of CP4D will encourage greater openness and transparency among Commonwealth governments.

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