Ukraine Since 2016, WFD’s focus in Ukraine is parliaments capability to monitor public spending. In partnership with the Verkhovna Rada (VRU), parliamentary officials, committees and parliamentarians from across political factions receive technical and political support in order to progress towards the recommendations of the European Parliaments roadmap on internal reform.

A series of demonstrations took place in Ukraine in late 2013 and culminated in the Revolution of Dignity and early elections in 2014. Ukraine has chosen a path towards a European future that requires major social, economic and political reforms.
In partnership with GIZ Ukraine, a Financial and Economic Analysis Office (FEAO) was established in the VRU in 2015, providing accessible economic and financial information to the parliament. The FEAO supports the reform process in Ukraine by aiding the parliament to oversee the actions of the executive by reviewing the use of public funds. This will support the parliament in its role as an effective safeguard for service delivery for Ukrainian citizens.
Sponsored by the British Embassy in Kyiv, WFD directly shares British democratic experience with the parliament through our MP’s Partnership Scheme, enhancing relations between members of the VRU and Westminster.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2008: Year of first WFD programme

Results and Activities

  • Established and fully functional parliamentary budget office within the structures of the VRU secretariat
  • Enhanced capacity for public accounts examination
  • A consolidated parliamentary information and research service
  • MPs informed by British parliamentary experience


Supporting public financial management and good governance in Ukraine

Programme Underway

Planned end: April 2019

Establishing the Verkhovna Rada’s Financial and Economic Analysis Office


Planned end: March 2018

Laying the groundwork for future cooperation with Parliament


Planned end: March 2018

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Halyna Shevchuk
Halyna ShevchukCountry Representative