2023 Democracy Action Partnership: Collective vision statement


2023 Democracy Action Partnership: Collective vision statement

Created at the 2023 Democracy Action Partnership, Bali Indonesia: Taking Collective Action on Violence, Online and Offline, Against Women in Politics and Elections.
Text saying Democracy action partnership bali indonesia 29-30 November 2023 on an orange background with purple and grey floral shapes
If our democracies and elections were free from violence, our world would look very different…
An illustration of a blue woman with a hearing aid carrying a piece of paper crossing water using an orange bridge with lines of text on it. In the distance is an image of a better future with trees and wind turbines

Our elections would be aspirational and fun!

Offering candidates from all parts of society an opportunity to enjoy their run for office. Women would not be seen as second choices and would receive equal support from parties and communities. Everyone would be informed and free to vote for the candidates and policies that they believe in, choosing leaders that represent the diversity of their views and voices.

A woman using a wheelchair is making a speech in the centre of a circle. Around her, people join hands and cheer using signs and giant fingers

Political discourse would be safer

and lead to more constructive and collaborative dialogue. All genders would feel free to speak up and share their political views freely, without fear of judgement, bullying or being shouted down. Political debates would be characterised by deep reflection, challenging ideas, not polarising people. Our politicians would smile more, respect people’s right to protest, and value its contribution to democracy.   

A blue woman and an orange man have pulled a grey wrapping off a globe, which is now bright green and sparkling with multiple colours

The decisions made by leaders would reflect care for the planet and the people in it

Policies and decisions made by people who reflect the diversity of our identities and experiences, would result in more inclusive outcomes.  Investments in care, health and greener economies would be prioritised and resources would be allocated more equitably, eradicating poverty. There would be lasting peace and little need for huge spending on security and defence. 

An orange illustration of a woman holding up a purple heart in which there are houses, trees, wind turbines and people

Our society would be safer, more equitable and reflect our collective freedoms

All genders would be able to participate in the decisions affecting their lives from their households to the high office. People would be free to express all parts of their identities, authentically and safe in the knowledge that they would still have equitable access to services and opportunities. We would walk through the world and interact with each other, without fear of violence, living happier lives with more love in them.