Strengthening knowledge of youth for effective policy development


Strengthening knowledge of youth for effective policy development

WFD organised a two-day policy training in Morocco, empowering youth and civil society for more inclusive parliamentary work.
Participants and stakeholders at the policy development training in Morrocco

In a time of rapid change, it is crucial to make effective policies to tackle today's challenges. Policy making is made more effective by the inclusion of diverse groups and individuals. Systemic inclusion of a range of stakeholders including youth, can positively contribute to an effective policy making process by ensuring their views and needs are considered. 

WFD delivered a two-day training on policy development and evaluation to youth representatives and members of civil society organisations (CSOs) and youth wings of political parties in Morocco. The programme aims to enhance the inclusion of young people in parliamentary work leading to a parliament that is more responsive to the needs and concerns of young people. 

Involving young people in policymaking guarantees a range of perspectives, technological proficiency, and innovative ideas, creating a more inclusive and equitable decision-making process. This involvement also empowers the next generation, enabling them to play a direct role in shaping policies that will impact their future in Morocco. 

Over the intensive two-day training, the participants acquired valuable skills across diverse domains, enhancing their abilities in policy development, evaluation, and other crucial areas. These newfound skills equip them for future application in various fields and scenarios. 

The training acted as a catalyst for building strong connections among the diverse group of participants, including representatives from civil society organisations (CSOs) and political party youth wings. Through group exercises, participants not only shared experiences but also formed meaningful relationships. These connections are expected to extend beyond the training, laying the groundwork for future collaborations on policy matters. 

“As youth, we can apply what we learnt during this training course in our role as civil society organisations through finding solutions to the main issues facing citizens and proposing new policies” 

Hind Khalil, President of the Ecological Observatory of Climate Change and Environment Protection in the Laayoune- Sakia El Hamra region 


WFD supports youths and women political participation and leadership so they can influence decision-making and bring about positive change.