WFD’s Multi-Party Office supporting the Africa Liberal Network

a woman speaking into a microphone
02 September 2022

WFD’s Multi-Party Office supporting the Africa Liberal Network

WFD’s Multi-Party Office (MPO) works with the UK’s smaller political parties represented in the Westminster Parliament on programmes that promote political pluralism.

The MPO continued to partner with the Africa Liberal Network to strengthen the representation of women within African liberal political parties, institutions, and the network’s leadership. The MPO has worked with nine African political party leaders and a network of researchers around the world to produce several studies on the candidate selection processes within political parties.

Often known as “the secret garden of political parties”, this innovative research about how women are affected by selection processes has been presented at several international conferences.

Working with experts from the Liberal Democrats, the MPO has trained candidates from nine different countries. Following this training, participants were elected to national office and senior leadership positions in their political parties or selected as candidates for upcoming elections.