Post-legislative scrutiny

This manual was created to implement the resolution of the National Assembly Standing Committee on the Post-Legislative Scrutiny (PLS) No. 53/KPC, dated August 23rd, 2022. It is an introduction, explanation about the procedures and approaches in the implementation of the work of PLS to be a reference for the committees of the National Assembly working uniformity.

The PLS has the following main content:

Legislation is important business for parliaments. Parliaments around the world implement a staggering number of new laws every week but few parliaments know what happens after these laws are implemented. Post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) is a systematic and structured process that helps parliaments review the implementation and impact of legislation.

This evaluation covers WFD’s work on post-legislative scrutiny (PLS) between 2017-22, in the period of WFD’s 2017-22 Strategic Framework. It finds that WFD’s work in PLS is relevant, impactful, and tailored to meet the emerging needs of parliaments as they begin to introduce PLS. WFD has also expanded the research base and strengthened global networks on PLS, creating a significant impact within the parliamentary strengthening community more broadly.