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Latest activity
Deliberative democracy complements representative democracy to enhance certain policy outcomes but should not be seen as competing against existing political authorities.
14 September 2021
Election campaigns provide particularly fertile ground for hate speech and incitement to hatred. Political parties, candidates, opinion makers, and members of civil society can be influential spreaders of hate speech. Hate speech is also amplified by the media, in particular social media.
06 September 2021
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The Western Balkans countries have a long history of emigration but trends in recent years we have shown increasing numbers of young people leaving and based on many reports the levels are among the highest in the world.
31 August 2021
Since August 2020, WFD in partnership with Demo Finland have been working to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities within Kenyan political parties through the Kenya Inclusive Political Parties (KIPP) programme. This is an update, by the programme's coordinator, of what has been achieved so far and what next should be done.
26 August 2021
Around the world, a deliberative wave has been growing as innovative ways of involving citizens in policy-making have gained traction with governments and citizens. And Africa is no exception: From deliberative participatory budgeting in Kenya, and addressing corruption in Malawi, to risk management in flood prone areas in Uganda, deliberative processes are certainly refreshing democracy in Africa.
25 August 2021
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Ensuring that women and minority groups in Bangsamoro have political voice and meaningful representation is essential to enable the autonomous region to transition into a working democratic entity. In support of this vision, WFD recently held a Strategic Planning Workshop on Political Advocacy for members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Social Welfare Committee (SWC) in Bangsamoro. From 11th – 13th August 2021, 20 members of the SWC gathered for the event which took place in Isulan town, Sultan Kuarat.
20 August 2021
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WFD and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) supported parliamentarians in five Sub-Saharan Africa countries prepare for COP26.
28 July 2021
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Laid before Parliament on 21 July 2021
21 July 2021
Ahead of CO26, Members of Parliament from 5 countries – Canada, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Pakistan – have added their names to a statement that calls for public empowerment to be a top priority at the conference.
18 July 2021
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With WFD's support, a coalition of CSOs under the Digital Transformation Network is working with the Lebanese Parliament's ICT committee to improve transparency and accountability through e-governance.
16 July 2021
Within WFD’s “More than a quota” mentorship programme, a group of women politicians from different political parties works on getting the issue on the agenda through advocacy and legislative work.
09 July 2021
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The toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on individual workers across all sectors is matched within the institutions of our democracies. This commentary piece analyses, like all other organisations, how parliaments are still learning, adapting, and switching between in-person and virtual processes to deliver democracy.
30 June 2021
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The Social Scientists Association undertook a survey of the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of Sri Lankans about Sri Lankan LGBT persons.
28 June 2021
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In cooperation with Democracy Plus, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy published the study on “Cost of youth Emigration” on Kosovo, which is a first ever analysis to provide data on how much does Kosovo loose due to young people leaving the country.
28 June 2021
In June 2021, WFD hosted a meeting with political parties, disabled persons organizations (DPOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), Parliamentary and County Assembly Caucuses to evaluate commitments and progress of persons with disabilities inclusion by political parties in Kenya.
25 June 2021
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