Female members of parliament forge collaboration at WFD seminar in Sierra Leone


Female members of parliament forge collaboration at WFD seminar in Sierra Leone

The first-ever seminar for female MPs in Sierra Leone, facilitated by Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), united women from different political parties to address national issues impacting women, marking a significant move towards inclusivity and collaborative governance.
Female members of parliament forge collaboration at WFD seminar in Sierra Leone
Members of Parliament from various political factions in Sierra Leone

Alusine Diamond-Suma


In a landmark moment for women's representation in Sierra Leone, the first-ever seminar for female Members of Parliament (MPs), facilitated by WFD, brought together female MPs from various political factions to unite and tackle issues impacting women nationwide. Conducted on 16 and 17 February 2025, this seminar represented a significant step forward in promoting unity and collaboration among female MPs. 

The seminar built bridges among MPs, moving away from divisive politics. Bringing together female MPs from the APC and SLPP parties, the event fostered unity to advance women's and girls' rights in Sierra Leone. Through discussions and workshops, solidarity emerged, transcending party lines and the mutual acknowledgment of other women as allies led to positive leadership shifts. This mindset promises progress and inclusivity. 

Strong women's voices in political decision-making offer hope for overcoming systemic barriers to empowerment. Ongoing partnership is key for sustaining progress.

As the voices of women become stronger and more cohesive, there is renewed optimism for overcoming the systemic obstacles and barriers that limit the full engagement and empowerment of women and girls in Sierra Leone.

Looking forward, the impetus created by the WFD seminar provides a glimpse into the transformative power of female leadership and teamwork. By leveraging their collective strength and diverse viewpoints within Parliament, female MPs are well-positioned to instigate positive change and shape a future where every woman and girl in Sierra Leone can prosper and realise her potential. Through ongoing partnership and unity, they are carving a route towards a more inclusive and progressive society, making a profound impact on future generations.