Statement on the illegal invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian flag
28 February 2022
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Statement on the illegal invasion of Ukraine
WFD statement on the illegal invasion of Ukraine

The illegal invasion of Ukraine is devastating, and the consequences will be far reaching. For decades, Ukraine has been on a journey strengthening its democracy for the good of its people and WFD has been proud to have provided support along this road. This unprovoked attack on Ukraine is also an attack on our values of democracy and freedom. The fight to defend democracies around the world is getting harder and has never been more urgent. 

We have joined members of the Global Democracy Coalition and the European Partnership for Democracy in signing statements that support Ukraine and condemn the invasion. Autocratic repression and violence will never lead humanity to peace and security. The world needs more, better, and stronger democracies to face the grave challenges of our time, not more autocracy and bloodshed.